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The Scarlet Singapore Luxury Hotel! [Hotel Review]

Amidst the bustling cities of Singapore.. here lies a nice stretch of black and white shophouses with a tinge of red along Erskine Road..
.. it belongs to a small luxury hotel named The Scarlet Singapore!

In the olden days.. these shophouses were owned by individual to run their own business on the first floor and stay on the second floor at the same time. Sometimes there are 3rd floors for accommodation as well.
Noticed these shophouses were built on a gradual slope?
Later you will see how the interior of the hotel was built.
It can be pretty fascinating! :)

Entrance of the hotel.

nice fountain and chandelier with the glittering gold tiles as backdrop on both sides of the red-carpeted walkway as you enter the hotel.

Nice friendly hotel staffs to attend to you at the lobby..

 Entering my room!

with a nice comfortable queen-sized bed

TV, Fridge and everything is provided.
There's even Free WiFi for you to use!

Opening the wardrobe.. actually surprises me with lotsa things which are essential to a traveller.

 Guess wad is this?

Its a hairdryer!

Holy Bible at your bedside drawer. :)

Nice luxurious brightly lit toilet!

I like the taps and even the shower head below.

they all look so Ang-Moh (Caucasian) and havin' the kind of luxurious feel to it.

.. is where I supposed to have my breakfast the next morning.
But unfortunately, the bed was too comfortable and I overslept and MISSED MY BREAKFAST!
I totally regret not waking up for it.. if there's another opportunity, I will definitely make it there for the breakfast! Or ask the hotel staff to provide a morning call to my room! :)
The hotel breakfast ends at 1030am for your information.
I love hotel breakfast and I'm sure Scarlet's hotel breakfast would not disappoint you!

Here you can take a look what they have on the menu.

As I did not have my breakfast.. I went to explore the hotel!

Here on the second floor.. is a longgggg walkway down.. which is the corridor of all the hotel rooms.
Notice that is it is going down gradually? Yes.. because the building is on a slope.
My room is on the first floor.. the corridor is also the same sloping downwards.

On the second floor.. near the lift lobby there's also a nice cosy area where u can sit down and rest for awhile..

Nice chandelier that lits up both the first and second floor!

A Pub? A Pool? or a Jacuzzi?

 A Jacuzzi!!
The hotel is not that big enough to build a pool yea..
with this nice Jacuzzi lush with some greeneries.. I'm satisfied already!
Over there it seems so quiet and peaceful! :)

I had a good time having the water to massage my back and unwind my soul at the same time~! :)

FLAUNT - The Gym!
It has a thread mill and a cycling machine facing the small road outside which u can just open the curtain and you can see everything outside already. But there's one thing I wanna share with you.. Outside passer-bys would NOT be able to see you from outside. Look at the picture below!

Isn't this Cool!?

There's even a small bathroom in the toilet for you to change or use the toilet.

   Complimentary mineral water bottles from The Scarlet.
I didn't have the chance to use the gym.. because the time was running out as I need to check out of the hotel already. But I would love to hit it the next time round!

Here.. striking a pose at the hotel lobby. :P
  Here at the hotel lobby...  there's a nice staircase that leads up to the CASA TARTUFO Restaurant.
I would be using these stairs if i'm going for my hotel breakfast.
Diagonally opposite the stairs is the meeting room which is called "BOLD"!
Nice name! I love it!

The Scarlet Singapore is an Architectural Heritage!
It made her debut in December 2004. Renowned for being Singapore’s first luxury boutique hotel, the 80-room property pulsates with an eclectic tension. Historic Erskine Road leads you to a row of 1868 Early Shop Houses and an original 1924 Art Deco building, whose architectural detailing has been expertly retained and lovingly restored.


It was truly a rewarding stay at The Scarlet Singapore!
It was one of the best staycations I had in Singapore!

If given the opportunity, I would like to stay the hotel again!
Because during my stay.. the roof top bar was under some renovation or changes, hence I was not able to check out the place and chill with my partner. In addition, I missed my hotel breakfast which I looked forward to it so much! I think its just a waste! Else I would have featured it in my blogpost here, my meal and the bar! But not to worry.. I'm sure the new bar would definitely bring in some good stuffs fer ya..


Facilities: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Breakfast: N.A.
Cleanliness: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9/10

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