Sunday, September 20, 2015

LG Special: The Evolution of the TV Design!

With the rapid advancement of technology, one can only look back at the humble beginnings of it where telephones used to be a rotary dial and TVs were in fuze black and white. In the 21st Century, it is tough to now imagine a life without our mobile phones, audio systems and everything technology related that has since improved our quality of life!
The TV has its own history to tell. In fact, the invention of the TV has brought something more emotional than other technologies. Families and friends would gather around a TV to watch shows and movies together, creating a space that brings people together. TVs are often placed in the living room of a home, it is often placed in a centralized and strategic location that sets the tone of the living space.
TVs have since become a huge part of everyone's lives towards the 80s. Up till the 2000s, TVs were based on cathode-ray tube technology (CRT). From there on, aesthetic started playing a role with slimmer versions to higher resolution, then came the HD which set off a rapid advancement of the TV technology!

LCD was the next best TV you could have at home, with screens that came in larger sizes. Within the next 2-3 years, LEDs came about which gave rise to Quantum Dot, then OLED and finally UHD and 4K TVs.
LG has remained in tact with the latest TV technology, and has become a market leader in its own right with the latest OLED TVs winning multiple awards for its incredible features and offerings. LG has even pushed the boundaries of how slim a TV could go, with the EC9700 being as thick as an iPad!
The LG 65EC9700.

The future of TV definitely lies in the OLED technology, and LG continues to research ways to break the barrier.
More information can be found in the info graphic below as well as some info provided on LG's TV technologies. Have an awesome day!


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