Thursday, September 3, 2015

DC Justice League Run 2015 on 30th August @ Sentosa!

It is official and no surprise to many that Team Superman emerged the winner of the inaugural DC Justice League Run 2015 which was held in the morning on 30th August 2015. Taking place at Sentosa’s Interim Carpark, more than 5,000 runners turned up sporting the colours and gears, in support of their favourite superheroes, and were raring to go by the time the flag-off took place at 8am.
For the first time ever, competition surged between the Justice League superheroes, who are commonly known to band together to vanquish the forces of evil. In a bid to determine the fastest of the League, sides were taken as participants ran 5 KM to represent their respective superheroes, all but to bring honour and glory to the team.
Team Flash supported the fastest superhero of the league, or so they believed; Team Wonder Woman was all about girl power in their allegiance to the Amazonia Princess, Team Batman was outspoken in their support for the Dark Knight, and Team Green Lantern believed in the peacekeeper of the intergalactic Lantern Corps.
With an average finisher nett time of 31 mins 10 secs, Team Superman settled the age-old debate by proving that the Last Son of Krypton is indeed worthy of the title. Proud to be part of the winning team, Jian Yang, 35, quipped “I joined the DC Justice League run as I’m a big superhero fan and for my first run, I had a really enjoyable experience. The race was recreational, well-organised and it was great to see Singaporeans just letting loose and having fun.”
Apart from the friendly competition, there was much more to cheer about as participants, friends and families were treated to a morning of fun-filled fringe activities such as Gladiator* and Trampoline*.
 Here.. a picture of many Superheroes running at the same time!
Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman!
"What is Going On!?"
Here's myself in the Superman tank n cape..
I think I do have the Superman Style! ha..
And yes.. I intentionally shaved my goaty for this event.. So that I look more like SUPERMAN!
U don't see a Superman with Goaty Right? :P
 After the race.. many people got their DC Justice League Run 2015 Medal and hang around at the form-up open area.
At the form-up area.. we can take pictures with the standing figurine of the Superheroes to capture moments at the DC Justice League Run!
Fans got a chance to mingle with the heroes of The Justice League!
It was a beat-down! Players took to pedestals in an attempt to hold their own while knocking their competitor to the ground.
A memorable day and an accolade to remember it by, as participants pose with their exclusive medals inspired by our favourite superheroes
Here I am jumping on the trampoline to get this height and capture a nice shot with my cape flying~!
Runners queuing to go on stage to pose and take pictures!
My running buddy Joanna Teh who ran with me that day.. I'm her SUPERMAN and she's my Wonder Woman throughout the 5 km. Jus for laughs~! It was not easy to get up so early in the morning and run the 5 km.. Furthermore she stays quite far away.. But we still managed to finish the 5 km together! I really have to give a thumbs up to her! Good job Joanna!
Here.. I met up with other Wonder Women who wanna take pictures with me... ahem..
I know after reading this they would have things to say.. wahaha..
Jus for laughs~!

And you see.. this Wonder Woman even wanna poke my bicep test whether will "Lao Hong" or not!
Wahaha.. Jus kiddin'

Alright.. Let's get serious.. Both are my very nice blogger friends.
On the left is Tracy and the other side is Danessa!

  And we had a Great Wefie together~!
Very nice indeed... becos I'm inside! Wahaha.. jus kiddin' again~! :P
Well.. here I got my Medal for the DC Justice League Run 2015!
I can say its my FIRST TIME participating in such a Fun Run!
Really thanks to someone for inviting me to this run!
Not sure if I can reveal the name here but I think I'll jus keep it to myself.
You know who you are when you're reading this!
Thanks babe!

More information about DC Justice League Run..
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