Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bintan Lagoon Resort!

With my bro.. on our way to Bintan Lagoon Resort Staycation! :)

That's our room! :)
I guess this is a dog?
After putting our stuffs down at the hotel room and rested a while.. we headed out for our lunch which the hotel staff had arranged for us already! Above and below are the lunch menu. The restaurant is just located beside the golf course.. havin' a lunch there was truly relaxing overlooking the green pasture.

Rejuvenating drinks that were specially recommended by the hotel staff..
After that we head out to somewhere outside the resort for a relaxing body massage!
But first.. they gave us a simple foot spa.. to cleanse our feet.
After that we walked around to explore the area.. and we spotted this hawker centre.. which is pretty much like our hawker centres in Singapore! :)
Dinner Time @ RICE~!

We had our food pretty much in the dark.. with just a small candle on our table.
As you can see I used flash to take these dinner shots. :)

BrEaKfAsT at KOPI-O!


Everytime I have hotel breakfast.. I would have CEREAL! I feel good eating cereal! :)


My friend doing some Kungfu here with the Camera and the Food! :P
But he's professional la..
taking nice pictures and enjoy wad he do as a blogger! :)
After a hearty breakfast.. we toured around the Bintan Lagoon Resort with a hotel staff who guided us to some of the Best Villas around there~!

Passing by some of them.. while we were on a buggy! :)

That's our buggy which was driven by the hotel staff.
Over there the villas have different names. Above here this villa is called Cempaka, its the smallest villa that I'm showing you here..
Kitchen and all utensils you need for cooking are available.

Nice cosy living room!


This Buganul villa is the next biggest villa..

Outdoor BBQ area!

The stairs leading up to second storey.

a view of the living area from the 2nd storey.

This is the Biggest Villa which I'm showing you... Its called Angsoka!

Really BIG living room for a BIG Family!
It would really be Great if I can bring my entire family, sister-in-laws, nephews and niece to have a stay in this Huge Bungalow!

A lot of play area for the kids..

Fully-equipped kitchen with the necessary crockeries u need for cooking.

These are fake la.. :P

Outdoor area.. where u can have a chat here.. play some card games or have a glass of wine.. enjoying the breeze from the nature.

Those who wanna swim can swim..
The pool is considered big for each individual house.

a view from the 2nd floor balcony.

RICE Restaurant..

This was the place we had our dinner the night before..
 Rejuvenating cocktails..
 If you want an outdoor massage.. there you go..
by the beach.

A shot taken on our way back to Singapore on the ferry .. as the Sun goes down!
Its was a rewarding stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort with the friendly and accommodative hotel staff who brought us around.. and provided us with great comfort throughout the stay!

I hope to visit there again with my Family in the near future!
And able to review and share my experience with you, my readers again! :)


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