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The Volkswagen Beetle 2015!


There are some facts I would like you to know about Volkswagen.
So you would probably appreciate the car even more!

Do you know what does Volkswagen mean?

Do you know Volkswagen is somehow related to Adolf Hitler?

Do you know the Volkswagen was very much in relation to Porsche?

a n s w e r s

In April 1934, Adolf Hitler gave the order to Ferdinand Porsche to develop a Volkswagen (literally, "people's car" in German. The epithet Volks- literally, "people's-" had been previously applied to other Nazi-sponsored consumer goods such as the Volksempfänger ("people's radio"). There followed, in May 1934, a meeting at Berlin’s Kaiserhof Hotel at which Chancellor Hitler provided Porsche with more details, insisting on a basic vehicle, capable of transporting two adults and three children at 100 km/h (62 mph) while not using more than 7 litres of fuel per 100 km (32 mpg US/39 mpg UK).[10] The engine had to be powerful enough for rapid sustained cruising on Germany’s new Autobahnen. Everything had to be designed to ensure worn out parts could be quickly and inexpensively exchanged. The engine had to be air-cooled because, as Hitler explained, not every country doctor had his own garage.

The person who created the first Porsche, Porsche 356 was Ferry Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Porsche who created the Volkswagen Beetle. Ferry Porsche created the Porsche 356 with the expertise from his father and Porsche as we all know is a well-known brand in the line of sports cars now!

Here you can see some resemblances between the Porsche (left) and the Volkswagen Beetle.
In the picture is Ferdinand Porsche.

First Generation of Volkswagen Beetle 1938 – 1953

Second Generation 1953-1957

Third Generation 1958-1966

Fourth Generation 1967-1974

Fifth Generation 1974-2003

Sixth Generation 1998-2010

And here you have the Seventh Generation - The Latest Volkswagen Beetle!
Matured and Grown Up!

This is the 1.2 L TSI model.
Nice back lightings gave the car a very futuristic look.

with three gauges on the dashboard.
showing the Engine Oil level, Time and Turbo boost levels
the Time can also be set to zero and time the distance you travelled from one place to another.. the time will start when you step on the accelerator pedal.
It has a stopwatch function also. :)

the white interior that blends with the outer colour of the car makes the interior looks airy.
the next colour I like is the Denim Blue colour they have.. it looks pretty unique with that colour. :)

dashboard that has the touch of the old Volkswagen Beetles which has a vertical compartment on it.
The space is not that big though.. but not to worry.. there's a standard glove compartment below. :)
Cup holders which are essential and adjustable armrest of different heights based on your preference
Armrest that utilises its internal space as a storage compartment
and this is how the side door interior looks like.. with some chrome finishing on the handles
and the side compartment is bounded by a spandex-like material so that items that are bigger than the compartment can be fitted in.
single cup holder and a 12-volt power socket at the back.

a handle for you to hold and get off the car

Rear passengers space.. which I think is slightly bigger and seats are slightly longer than its predecessor.
Nice words of the "Beetle" can be found on the side door skirtings
So what is it unique about this Volkswagen logo at the back?

Its actually a handle to open your boot..
Just press in a little at the top of the logo and it can be opened! :)

Boot space is pretty reasonable.. u can't expect a Beetle to have large boot space for the shape it has.
But its considerably not bad for a hatchback. :)
Back seats can be folded down to create more space for your large items.

Upper central console that has lighting controls and the rear view mirror has the anti-glare function to prevent glaring lights from vehicles at the rear from shining in to the driver's eyes.

I pretty like the round knob which controls the front lights just by turning. It looks nice with the classy chrome finishing on it. Brightness of the speedometer and the lighting height of the front lamps can be controlled by scrolling the roller at the bottom.
Controls for the side mirrors and all-door lock can be found at the side door handle.
Everytime the door is locked from outside.. the side mirrors would close by itself.

Simple speedometer with the RPM and Petrol indication on the left and right respectively.
LCD screen on the speedometer states the necessary information clearly which is very favourable to the driver. It travels from 0 - 100 km/h in 10.9 secs. 3.9 secs faster than its predecessor which took 14.6 secs. For the 1.4 L TSI Beetle.. 0 - 100 km/h would be just 8.3 secs.
7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox (DSG)
Sporting an 18" sports rim.. the rim looks really Enormous!
Havin' a different shades of grey in the rim makes the Beetle looks more special and stand out.
Bringin' the Volkswagen Beetle back to the 60s.. at Tiong Bahru.

Side profile of the car.. the top is not as round as the predecessor, its longer before it curves down to the tail-lamps. From this picture you can also visualise that the rims are really HUGE! Right?

Parking along Eng Hoon Street outside Tiong Bahru Bakery where I had my brunch.. looks really nice too~! The Old against the Future!

Life of a Beetle is really different. Its an iconic car. You get the stares from the passer-bys who keep lookin' at the design of the car. I pretty like the new design of the Beetle.. especially the tail-lights. I like the way how the boot is opened. I like the performance of the car. Yes.. Performance! Despite being a 1.2L car.. it is quite powerful. So much more powerful and faster than its predecessor which I've driven before. Even my brother who had his hands on the car as well.. mentioned that this car has Power! I love the feel when I stepped on the accelerator, the Turbo kicks in and showed on the Turbo gauge for a while. Previous model feels heavy and laggy.. but this New Beetle feels just Right! It has improved a lot with the nice interior which is what I'm lookin' for in a Volkswagen Beetle!
So yes.. its has matured and grown up!

This was the Beetle that I had driven before.. its white too! :)

I would say that this Beetle is very round.. the design is really Cute and Nice.. One of the cutest Beetle ever.. but it has no power!
The Grandpa and Baby Beetle!
Now.. in the New Beetle.. that is matured and grown up.. so am I ?
Its really a nice drive I had with this Beetle..
I think I'm pretty in love with it.. I hope I can drive it again and for a longer period.
Everything seems so perfect for this Beetle that I've nothing to complain about it!
The moment I had with the Beetle!
My life seems to be pretty fated with the Beetles..
as I've driven 2 generations of the Volkswagen Beetle!
More to come..
For more information about the New Volkswagen Beetle..
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