Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SG50 National Day Celebrations @ The Promontory @ Marina Bay!!!

Scenes at The Promontory @ Marina Bay..

It was truly muddy as there was a downpour last night..
And many of us went back with muddy shoes and slippers..
Body and clothes were stained with mud as well.. because many of them walked passed us while we were seated down.. and their slippers got stuck into the mud and when they pulled out their slippers.. all the mud splattered onto us.. Perhaps YoungNTUC can look into this issue on how it could be prevented next time if it rains.. if they wanna hold the event at The Promontory. Other than that.. Everything was fine! Great Job YoungNTUC! :)
Here with my mum.. my blogger friend Samuel and his Sister!
They look so alike! So cool! :)
A personal photo with my mum!
She loves to watch Fireworks!
Our home used to be able to see fireworks.. now its block by most of the high-rise buildings like Duxton@Pinnacle and Central Business District's buildings. Hence, now we hardly see fireworks!
So its BEST to bring her along and she could even see it live close up above her! :)
The Singapore Airlines SG50 A380!
.. made a low fly pass between these buildings.
Click on this link here to see how the SG50 Singapore Airlines A380 looks like!

Fan-out display!
Arrow head display by various helicopters which include the Apache and Chinooks!


The F-15.. This was the segment I like most among all the aerial displays..
Truly Solid!

Stefanie Sun! Shes really beautiful that day.. with the smoky eyes.. and she probably stole the limelight of the many artistes who appeared at the NDP! Shes the first artiste to appear among many other artistes like Corinne May, JJ Lin and Kit Chan. There are some songs I really like..
Here are some of the really nice songs which I would really love to feature and share here..!!


 Corinne May.. singing "Song for Singapore"! I felt that she has a pretty smooth voice..
Corrinne May is a Singaporean musician, singer, and songwriter. She has released five record albums the latest being Crooked Lines in 2012.

JJ Lin.. I like this song very much! Very nice and touching! Lyrics & Music by Dick Lee.
In this video.. Other than JJ Lin.. you will get to see that few beautiful ladies that were mentioned in the HOT Topic of TIKOPEK CAMERAMAN FILMING PRETTY GIRLS ON NDP LIVE TV on  - www.allsingaporestuff.com
Direct Link: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/tikopek-cameraman-kept-filming-these-pretty-girls-ndp-live-tv#sthash.yygOlbgT.dpuf

They are so beautiful that the cameraman-or-men can spot them!?
I "Suspect" they were paid to sit there.. and their NDP tickets are Free also! Lol~!
But I'm really fine with that la.. cos sometimes its good to have some beautiful scenes on screen and capture some beautiful moments.. afterall its our SG50.. And We're all Singaporeans! Why RANT about it!?

Kit Chan singing "Home"
At The Promontory.. we were told to lit up the candles in our goodie bags as part of a thing that YoungNTUC always do every year I supposed. Everyone would help each other to lit up their candle if they do not have a lighter.. And here's my mum with her candle. :)
After that we sang the National Anthem together with the people at The Padang and ended off the NDP with a splendid fireworks display which was the LARGEST in the National Day Parade history since 1965 when Singapore became INDEPENDENT!
This was the only nice shot I took of the fireworks that day at The Promontory!
Cos' I wanna enjoy watching the fireworks than keep taking the pictures. :P
After the fireworks.. there were Great music and people dancing on stage and everywhere..

Thanks YoungNTUC for the tickets to the Celebrations at The Promontory @ Marina Bay!
It was a wonderful experience except for the muddy experience!
But moments spent at the National Day with the Singaporean crowd is truly rewarding and my mum was able to see the Fireworks up above right in front of her! :)

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