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Celebrate SG50 with Domino's New Banana Kaya Dessert!
Light and buttery crust sprinkled with icing sugar. Spread with authentic pandan kaya made from rich coconut cream, fresh eggs and aromatic pandan leaves, topped with oven-baked banana slices.
Kaya (Coconut Jam) served on toast or crackers are a well-known heritage snacks in Singapore and Malaysia. In conjunction with SG50 to celebrate our heritage, Domino’s Pizza added to their desert menu this familiar taste with a twist –  The Banana Kaya Dessert! Light and buttery crust sprinkled with icing sugar. Spread with authentic pandan kaya made from rich coconut cream, fresh egg and aromatic pandan leaves, topped with oven baked banana slices.
And because it's SG50, the delightful Banana Kaya Dessert is selling at 50% OFF for a limited period. Promotional price: S$3.90 Only! (Usual price: S$7.80).
You can order 2 regular pizzas from only S$22 only! Beside selecting from the wide range of Pizza’s flavors, select your favorite crusts including Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, Cheese Burst Crust. Try the newest Cheesy Crust, a crust that is luxuriously filled with melting hot mozzarella & coated with garlic and herbs. 5 delicious and original pizza sauces are also available to choose from, such as Sweet & Spicy sauce, Smoky BBQ sauce, Napolitana sauce and Pesto Passion sauce.

With minimum order of a regular pizza purchase, you can also Add-On S$2.50 for a bottle of soft drink (1.5l), S$3.50 for the Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, S$4.50 for a Chocolate Lava Cake, $7.50 for the Golden Roasted drummets (6pcs).

* Surcharge applies for Classics & First Class pizza range. 

50% OFF All-Time Favourite Sides
Available daily from 3pm – 6pm. No Minimum spending required.
  1. 1)  Chocolate Lava Cake S$3.40 (Usual Price: S$6.80)
  2. 2)  Golden Chicken (4 Selections) S$5.40 (Usual Price: S$10.80)
  3. 3)  Cinnastix S$2.90 (Usual Price S$5.80)
  4. 4)  Napolitana Baked Meatballs S$5.40 (Usual Price S$10.80)
  5. 5)  Banana Kaya Dessert S$3.90 (Usual Price: S$7.80)
  6. 6)  Roasted Chicken Drummets (6pcs) S$4.90 (Usual Price: 9.80) 
At The Banana Kaya Dessert Party held @ KOVAN DOMINO'S

With the beautiful Elaine Heng who blogs at

and my buddy William Tan who blogs at
He's also a manager at the social media company The Influencer Network!
Feel free to look for him for bloggers' engagement programme.

With Jasmine and Gerald Png.
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Here on the left we have Chrissie, Assistant Manager for PR & Events and the Emcee who was very outspoken! :)

Here's the handsome William giving an explanation on how you can participate in a contest to Win some attractive prizes!
Simply Like the Domino's Pizza - Singapore Facebook page
Like and Share the Photo given on the contest page
.. and Write your Best #SG50 Wishes in the comment box.
That's Easy!
Head On to take part at the links below!
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At the event.. they have a few games for us to participate..
And we would get to win some Domino's Regular Pizzas.. :)
So as you can see.. they are all stacking up the bananas on my head! And obviously the higher the better..! We were split into two teams.. Banana & Kaya.. and I'm the Banana Team!
And Myself as the Banana Man! "Kim Jio Lang!?"

But that's not all about stacking.. I had to balance and walk to the front leh!

The other team trying to stack the bananas too.. havin' a fun time too!

I think can already lah!
You all think I really Banana Man meh!? haha..
Not bad.. I still can balance... a few bananas dropped though.
But with the support and cheering from behind... I REALLY VERY SCARED TO DROP TO DISAPPOINT THEM !!! HAHA...
But well done la.. your cheering is enough for me to walk to the front !!
I Don't Even know wad is it like on my head! haha..

Reach there Gerald still say must "High-Five" with him.. OMG!!

After that we have another game competition to Make our own Banana Kaya Dessert!

Everybody getting ready and listening to the instructions..

So there we go.. some spread the Kaya over the pizza..

Myself cutting the bananas into star shapes.
Becos our design would be like the Singapore Flag as part of SG50, a Crescent moon and 5 Stars.

The other team making their pizza in a very nice systematic way too..
A pizza that would never go wrong! :)

Tada!! Here's our SG50 Banana Kaya Dessert Pizza!
It looks nice here.. but later when it came out from oven.. Ermz.. I think we should call it another name! :P

After that we were treated to a Pizza Feast with lotsa pizzas from Domino's
And every blogger takin' photos of the pizzas..
I took the some photos as well.. to whet your appetite! :P

Domino's Sides..


A Group Photo with my Banana Team!

And a Final Group Photo with EVERYONE!!

But Don't Go Yet!

Domino's is havin' a 50% OFF ANY PIZZA SIZE for Take-in or Take-away!
From 1 - 10 August as part of Singapore's SG50 Celebration!
Don't Miss It!

Last but not least..
Do Take Part in the Facebook & Instagram Contest at the Links below!

Good Luck~!

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