Monday, August 24, 2015

DC Justice League Run 2015 - Goody Bag!

I would be wearing this SUPERMAN Tank Top for the DC Justice League Run this Sunday, 30th August 2015.
Not only its just a tank top.. it comes with a cape too!
Pretty Excited about this event! Watch me Fly that day!
.. along with a SUPERWOMAN!
(to be unveiled on that day if you still do not know who she is.. so stay tuned!)
Other Superheroes would be Batman, Green Lantern & Flash!
Just in case.. if you've missed this run and they are organising again next year..
These are wad u can expect from the Goody Bag!
Not really a lot of stuffs though.. but the Superman Tank Top Wins it all!
Above the red cloth.. is the Superman Cape. So cool right?
Would it be even cooler IF I wear a Red Underwear outside?
To see IF I really wear a Red Underwear outside..
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