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Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore! [Food Tasting]

Shop, Dine & Chill at Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore.
Your One-stop destination for Malaysian grown, Malaysian produced goods, authentic Malaysian Cuisine and great gourmet coffee
Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore is your One-stop for shopping, dining and chilling out with friends, family and loved ones. Not only it is a bustling hub of promotion solely for Malaysian-grown and Malaysian-produced goods, they also have a café (KopieSatu) and a restaurant (The Verandah), which served the most authentic and fresh tasting Malaysian food and beverages possible outside of Malaysia.

Located on the First floor of Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore, the KopieSatu, or commonly known as KopieSatu Café, serves a great gourmet coffee with a nice and cozy ambience, equipped with Free Wi-fi and toilets for its customer to enjoy their coffee and hanging around with their friend or families. Not only that, KopieSatu Café also serves as a favorite place to hold a meeting, appointment or discussion. Enjoy having the various types of coffee and dessert such as Ice Blended Caramel Coffee, Café Latte, Rainbow Durian Cake and Chendol, while also dine-in The Verandah’s food as well.

Going up to the Second floor of Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore, you will be able to find the restaurant “The Verandah” which offers both indoor and alfresco dining. The restaurant serves authentic popular Malaysian food such as Penang Asam Laksa, Mee Bandung Muar and Ayam Percik Terengganu, just to name a few. From time to time, the restaurant will also bring and introduce a lot more of Malaysian food. With the experienced F&B staff to serve the food, prepared by the skilled kitchen staff spearheaded by an experienced Chef Razif, you can be sure to have a great dining experience at The Verandah!

Nice soothing ambience.. at The Verandah

Alfresco area of The Verandah

Agrobazaar is also a place where you can find Malaysian-Grown and Malaysian-Produced Goods..
Hence, you can get your favourite Malaysian goods here and enjoy the goodness of Malaysian products even when you're in Singapore!


Barista workin' on a coffee..

Here are his artistic work on da coffee!

They have XO (D24) DURIANS here!!!

Over here its like a mini market where you can do some groceries..

Here we have a very good emcee named Dani who guided us to the Second Level for food and games!
He is also the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Agrobazaar Malaysia @ SG!

We were first brought to see the beautifully carved fruits done by their professional Chef..

Later we had a chance to see him carve the fruits on the spot with just small knife.

So here's the result of the beautifully carved water-melon!

After that we were asked to form a team of 5-6 pax and carve the fruits our own.. Hence participating in the Fruit Decoration Game. But we were NOT allowed to carve flowers. Each group will be given a couple of fruits e.g. watermelon, honeydew and mangosteen to work on. Using our own creativity, we are required to do a fruit decoration or fruit carving in a most attractive and interesting way. Agrobazaar's Chef will then select which group to be the winner. And the winner will Win a table for two to dine at The Veranda.

Our group was pretty lost.. and dunno wad to do.
Later I asked Google.. and.. decided to work on this below!

Don't be disappointed to see our results later! :P

I helped to cut the frame of the carriage.. and also cutting the fruits and wheels!

I'm working seriously on it k!

This was our competitor! :P

Here's our final product.. together with my team members!

Here's a closer look at our competitor's product!
Below are the rest of the other groups' work.

Here's a closer look of ours!
With a Swan and symbolic ribbon to remember our founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew!

After that we proceed to have our dinner.. while the judges for the fruits crafting competition will crack their brains to choose the winner for it!

I must say.. their Homemade Chicken Satay was REALLY GOOD!
Tender chicken marinated in spices. Perfectly grilled and served with coconut influese peanut sauce.

Penang Asam Laksa!
Ranked 7th most delicious food in the world by CNN.
My first time trying it! It was AWESOME!
SPICY and ShiOk!

To me.. it looks like a Merlion Head! Wad u think?

Rainbow Durian Cake
A rainbow-coloured sponge cake with durian goodness.

Rainbow Chocolate Kueh Lapis!

This is a very nice pic of Kaiting! I must post! haha..
Very cute and candid.
She blogs at

After the meal.. we had The Tarik Performance by the professional The Tarik master from KopieSatu!
My team member, Zulfadli had a try on the Teh Tarik too.
His badminton a lot.. I mean pattern! Look at the stunt he tried! :P

Here's William, my buddy giving a try too!

Here's Fiona.. also from my team trying on the Teh Tarik as well!
Looks like my team was pretty active that day! Two of my team members tried on the Teh Tarik!
And over here.. she seems more like dancing than concentrating on the Teh Tarik!

And my friend, Kaviel here.. trying it too! :)

After that the judges have shortlisted two of their choices to be the potential Winner of the Fruit Decoration Game! And our decoration was shortlisted! Hence the emcee questioned our so called "Competitor" like how and why they think of this design, and why they think they should win etc.

Likewise he asked my team as well.. and I appointed my team member Zulfadli to say his story.. cos' he has a storyline in his mind already! :)

Apparently, it touched the hearts of the judges..

and We WON!

Eventually theres a Best Teh Tarik Performer Prize as well!

And it goes to my Team member Fiona!
I think our team .. we are all very lucky and blessed!
On a side note.. I think this Teh Tarik master.. is really a MASTER! You see.. "Take Picture!" also dun need to see the Teh and the Teh also didn't splashing onto my team-mate's dress! Lol.. Thumbs up! :P

A Final Group Picture of ALL the Bloggers and the Host Emcee.. before it ended!

- - -

Just in case if you wanna know how it looks like from outside.. its in the picture above.
It would be easier for you to distinguish the location when you see these colourful stripes at the side of the building.

Located at
Lot 37 – 43, Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485.
(near Bugis, Haji Lane & Arab Steet)
Tel: +65-5391 9841
Fax: +65-6391 9842

Facebook Page:

Wait!! What's More!?

Simply follow the steps above and take part!
Good Luck!

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