Monday, July 27, 2015

The Porsche Circuit 2015 | 24th July

Held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
I brought my nephew who's enthusiastic about cars too. :)
And we were welcomed by these two Porsches on the First floor.
Cayman GTS..
 and 911 Martini.
 This is what you will see when you enter the exhibition hall.

There are merchandising products for you to purchase too..

 Here I will start with the Cayman GTS..

This was my favourite!
The 911 GT3 RS.

This is the Porsche 911 that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED for SG50!
It is the ONE and ONLY unit in Singapore!
And Its Sold!
There are other SG50 Porsches as well.. and it goes to the Porsche Cayenne.
And Only 10 units would be sold in Singapore!
Follow thru' to see the SG50 Porsche Cayenne later.
a catalogue of the SG50 Porsche 911.
Are you able to spot the SG50 embossed in the car?
They are embossed on the headrests too.

I'm pretty surprised to see the targa..
I thought they didn't come up with new model of the Targa already. But its cool to see that they carry it! :)

with the signature band over the car and side label to indicate its a targa model.
Porsche's boot space is usually at the front.
 I pretty like the Boxster as well.. it somewhat looks like the Porsche GT at the front.

Here.. sums up the Porsches at the center of the circuit..
we shall look at the cars at the outer rim of the circuit.
The Old Targa and the vintage 356 C

This is the Porsche Panamera Hybrid model with the green caliper in the wheels.
Bringing you through the history of  911 - Nine-Eleven!

My nephew took a photo with the Michelin..
Somehow when I see this I feels like it looks like some Ghost Buster thingy! hmm..
My nephew had a great time playing the controlled cars at the other side of the Porsche Circuit while I took my time to capture nice pictures of the cars.
I also registered him to the Porsche Kids Driving School.
So he can enjoy the Porsche Fun Ride! :)
It looks so happening!

They have to obey the traffic rules and get stamps from various stations to complete the entire course.
After which they were given a certificate! :)
This was one of the nicest view I had captured of the entire Porsche Circuit. :)

So here's the SG50 Porsche Cayenne!
Only 10 units of this would be sold in Singapore. :)
and I'm lucky to have a feel of the car..
Thanks to the friendly Porsche representative for taking this shot for me.
the interior.
with the fold down mirror tt comes with a very nice cosmetic white light surrounding it.

You can choose to toggle between OFF ROAD or ON ROAD..
and also a selection of the modes of the car which you want it to be - Sport, Sport Plus or Comfort mode. Its like controlling a machine to how you want it to be. Transformer?
And upon leaving the place.. I took a shot of this Porsche Cayman GTS again!
I guessed I'm into blue Porsches now! :)
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