Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Direct from the London's West End, this superbly enjoyable production of Singin' in the Rain is a smash hit with critics and audiences alike. It tells the story of the first Hollywood musical, when the silver screen found its voice and left silent movies - and some of its stars - behind.

This spectacular show is packed full of the charm, romance, comedy and tinseltown glamour of one the world's best loved movies and features all the songs from the glorious MGM score including Good Morning, Make 'em Laugh, Moses Supposes and the classic Singin' in the Rain.

With high-energy choreography and sumptuous set design (including 12,000 litres of water) Singin' in the Rain showers you with everything you could wish for in a hit musical.

SPLASH ZONE Weather Warning!
There is a strong chance of showers and getting wet in the first 4 rows of the stalls. Make a splash and be a part of the action by selecting these seats. However, if seated in the Splash Zone, you will receive a poncho!


- - -
Here are some of the pictures taken that day with my partner for the musical!
on our way for the musical..
when we arrived there.. there were a lot of people crowding outside already..
Some of the celebrities like Irene Ang, Jade Seah and Nat Ho were seen there.
Casts of the musical.
Well.. I can dance too okie! Mai Siao Siao!
Here's my picture with Elaine.. at the poster board here!
So coincidentally.. Both of us were in Pink that day!

- - -

Here are some of the video interviews with the main casts by Hawk Liu, from THE MAD SCENE.
Do check out THE MAD SCENE at

Bethany Dickson, the star from Sound of Music, is also returning to take on the leading female role of Kathy Seldon.

Steven Van Wyk will be playing Cosmo Brown

Taryn-Lee Hudson was someone who made the entire theatre full of laughters. She is really hilarious! She act as the villainous Lina Lamont. You wouldn't wanna miss this!

Above videos are from The Mad Scene
- - -
Here are some of the stuffs you can purchase at the gift shop after the show..
Something memorable..

Small umbrellas..
a bear with raincoat.
key chains.
It was one of the BEST musical I have ever seen!
I really enjoyed myself during the musical.. so was Elaine!
We got the BEST seats to get splashed with water.. But Thank God they provided poncho for us.. and the poncho was transparent.. We were still able to watch the show while covering ourselves under the poncho!
But the overall experience was Great! Fantastic!
This musical is only until 2nd August 2015, Sunday!
For more information.. Click Here!

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