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From July - December 2015, a section of Orchard Road will be a temporary pedestrian street between Scotts Paterson Junction and Bideford Junction, every first Saturday night of each month, from 6pm -11pm.
Known as Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road, the extension of the six-month pilot initiative aims to inject street vibrancy into the precinct by creating an integrated community space with street activities.

The pilot Pedestrian Night has been successful in garnering public interest and enhancing Orchard Road’s street vibrancy and will be extended from July - December 2015.  For the extension, the buzz will extend beyond the street and visitors can look forward to different themes, in-mall activities, special promotions and contests.  Visitors can also participate in our monthly photo contests on Instagram/Facebook and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!
The initiative is spearheaded by Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) and supported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB).
Here are many photos taken at the Pedestrian Night I went on 4 July!
Enjoy and see what I did over there...!
At about 6pm.. the roads would be closed like this already!
As you can see.. this is along Bideford Road.

People start to walk like Grandfather's road already!
If ya don't wanna walk.. you can SIT also!
Comfortable chairs that can sit up to 2-3 persons are provided for you!
This is a picture taken from the Orchard "ROAD"
Seldom u had a chance to take photo from this angle at Orchard "ROAD"
So there you go.. TANG Plaza! :)

Let me show you some stunts!

Have you ever done push-ups on the road before?
Well.. I've done it and its on Orchard Road! ha..
You can come here and do every First Saturday of the month until December 2015! haha..
With my buddy, William to spend the Pedestrian Night together!
Here we saw people playing and juggling footballs..
and when I saw that.. my legs are itchy too!

Its like he will take the ball and I would have to tackle and get it from him!

Kids enjoyed themselves too!
So are we! Lol..
Scenes of people walking along Orchard Road..

Look! Who we saw? Guan Wei! Seriously I forgot how I know him! GW.. can u enlighten me?
Anyway he blogs at :)
After that William and I bought Ice-cream to Chill ourselves!
We even tried sitting down on the Orchard "ROAD" to eat! haha..
 as we walked down.. there were music band playing as well.. people crowd around there to enjoy the music..

Wonder why are people take pictures over this HAG Capisco Puls!
I thought it was some plants or nature conservation or sth..
 Well.. its a contest to win a designer chair they are sitting on!
The chair is called HAG Capisco Puls and its worth $1,299!

Now let me show you some REAL Stunts!

Freeze the moment!

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