Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 Toyota Camry 2.5 - A Class Leading Executive Sedan!

It is the 7th Generation of the facelifted Camry – a class-leading luxurious executive sedan that embodies charisma, innovation and ultimate refinement. True to the mark of a leader, the Camry is befitting of drivers who want to be synonymous with the very best.

With over 20 million units sold worldwide since 1982, Camry is the leader in setting the benchmark in the mid-size sedan segment. The Camry continues to be the benchmark that constantly evolves to set new standards and is available in 3 variants: 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.5L Hybrid. And with me here is the 2.5L version.

The backlamps are nice with a simple chrome lining across.
The new Camry cuts an elegant figure with its breathtakingly beautiful silhouette.
Its large trapezoidal front grille cuts a stately figure and the chrome surround with sleek lines provide a touch of finesse.
The design of the grilles is called the 'Keen' look which somehow makes the car feel more masculine and resembles somewhat of a Lexus.
Every one of Toyota’s engines is already imbued with world-renowned VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing intelligent) technology. Toyota has taken its technology to the next level by incorporating the new VVT-iW (Wide) technology, the highly precise D-4S fuel injection technology and Atkinson Cycle System in the Camry 2.0L, to ensure better fuel efficiency while delivering class-leading performance. The 2.0L and 2.5L Camry are also equipped with a 6-speed Electronic Control Transmission (ECT), which automatically performs gear shift operations according to road conditions and driver intentions, for seamless acceleration and a spirited drive.
At a view like this.. the Camry looks superbly nice and elegant!
Supreme Levels of Comfort and Refinement – Exceeding Your Expectations

The moment you step into the Camry, you instinctively know why the Camry is leading the way – everything feels just right. The spacious cabin is synonymous with unrivalled comfort. Its premium wood grain finish and hard-sewed stitches on the dashboard and seats are luxurious. The seat’s lumbar support function to reduce fatigue, a saving grace for comfortable long drives. Ample ventilation is also assured, thanks to the built-in fan in the seats and backrest, keeping the driver and front passenger cool and refreshed throughout the ride.
Leg room at the rear was really spacious!
Arm-rest can be folded down to provide back passengers with extra comfort and it is equipped with two cup holders.
The flap can be pulled down to provide you a storage for longer items like poles which can't be fitted into the boot.
I like the dark wood grain finish on the dashboard, steering wheel and sides.. it gives the car a luxurious feel like those of the Bentley Flying Spur.

Usually I wouldn't expect there would be cup holders or compartments on the rear doors..
but this Camry has it.. Well.. Its convenient! You wouldn't need to push down the arm-rest to put your bottles. You can just chuck it at the side of the doors.
The eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat.
Passenger's seat can be adjusted at the side as well..
 Standard controls on the driver's door - window lock, door lock, and side mirror adjustment.
For convenience, two position-memory settings are available for the eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and exterior mirrors. The Camry Hybrid’s power rear seats can also be reclined and adjusted for the preferred position.
The Camry is equipped with Traction Control (TRC) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) functions to ensure the car’s stability, for a peace of mind during your drives.
The button on the right most with a 'P' is a system to detect any close object around the car. If the object is VERY close to the car.. the buzzer will sound to alert the driver.
At the rear handles.. I can hang my blazer conveniently on the hook there.
Hooks are very important in fact. B'cos many times we would need to hang things be it in front or at back of the car. Example of things would be packet food stuffs which are hot and can't be placed on the seats nor on the floor. Hence, the hook comes in useful in this scenario.
 Speedometers may seem abit complicated though.. but its still fine after all.
As long as I can read the speed and necessary stuffs! :)
Well.. I tried to place my own navigation in to the speedometer.. my iPhone 5C fits nicely into it without dropping at all with the rubber iPhone case I have.
I think it is a good idea to have the GPS navigation system build into the speedometers in future!
Designers & Innovators! Something for you all to look into! :)
A control stick behind the steering wheel for the cruise control of the car.
Perhaps at the KPE tunnel.. you can use it to set your speed at 80 km/h.
It is something good when you're on a long journey and you are tired of stepping on the accelerator. :)
This is the anti-glare feature on the rear view mirror.
It helps to reduce the glare from the oncoming cars at the back.. so that your eyes wouldn't be uncomfortable when you look into the rear mirror.
Most of the Toyota cars have this feature. Thumbs up!
Nice and simple central console..
These are the knobs to turn on the seat & backrest coolers for both the passenger (left) and the driver (right). They can be pushed back into the console.
The central console also provides a 12V/120W power socket, built-in earphone socket and USB port!
The USB is VERY convenient for me to charge my phone anytime! :)
 Bluish dim lights for the driver and passenger's leg space creates a nice ambience in the car.
 So were the rear passengers' leg spaces..
A press of this button would eventually turn on a dim light that resembles a moonlight.
Huge boot space!
A 17-inch sports rim is available on the 2.5L and Hybrid variants, while the 2.0L variant comes with a 16-inch spoke sports rim, enhancing the car’s unmistakable aura of sophistication.
The newly designed HID headlamps in the 2.0L and 2.5L variants emulate a strong presence on the roads. The LED Daytime Running Lights, a signature design for the Camry is also striking; evoking an imagery of a steadfast and fearless leader who is unafraid of making hard decisions, yet he inspires and motivates those who follow him to become the best they can possibly be.

So here's the Toyota Camry!
I truly enjoyed the ride!
The Camry was very quiet - you probably wouldn't know the car was movin' already!
The engine inbued with the VVT-i was really smooth!
I could hardly felt that I was at 90 km/h already.
And the car can travel from 0 - 100 km/h in just 9.2 secs with a top speed of 210 km/h.
If you're going for a Class Leading Executive Sedan which would not burn a hole in you pocket,
this is the car you should go for.
For more details on the pricing and specifications, Click Here!
For Enquiries or Book a Test Drive:
Call the main line at 6631 1188
- - -
Here's a photo of myself and my partner, Elaine attending the
Emirates Singapore Derby @ The Racecourse last Sunday with the Camry! :)
The Camry oozes with Class and Style in every bit!
- - -
And here's a photo of myself driving the Camry.. on the way to watch the "SINGIN' IN THE RAIN" Musical @ MBS MasterCard Theatres with Elaine who took this picture for me! :)
Elaine is a blogger as well and she blogs at
Feel free to check her out! :)


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Unknown said...

My(wife's actually) third Camry in 14 years. All from Borneo. Agent that is.And this is the worse in many ways.Deplorable ergonomics.The gauges are an embarrassment. Small, irritatingly difficult to read. Virtually no contrast. Can you discern the red line on the rpm gauge at a glance? No? Why have it? The needles/ pointers same color as the dial markers. The instrument cluster and gauges in the 2007 Camry were beautiful.
The current one's dashboard top is a disgrace. One word to describe. .....ugly. The iphone like display between the Speedo and tacho...... useless.
And why can't Toyota have a digital speed display when you set the cruise control. The ones in the USA do.
Please , can someone tell these Japanese bozos to put the security lights on places like Saab or Audi...bottom of the windscreen or on the door. Why?
My first Camry from Japan (2003) had a small float in the windscreen wash tank to tell you that it's full......think an out it folks.
Six speed transmission but dimwitted...gets caught out at low speeds.Maybe the electronics go to sleep at low speeds.
This model's one saving grace but not enough to sway me? It's rear windshield screen.

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Anonymous said...

This car has poor suspension system. With 4 adults on board while parking, guarantee the exhaust will scrap the kerb.