Monday, July 20, 2015

Did you find the Right Internship in Singapore?

Well.. I would say there's No Right or Wrong
.. depending on wad type of internship arrangement you have!
From my experience in Polytechnic..
there 2 types of internships.
1. The one shot 4 months long internship
2. Two separate internship of 8 weeks each.
Let's say if you're in the latter.. it is not necessary for you to find the Right internship for both the 8 weeks. You have a choice to choose something different from your course of study for one of the 8 weeks. Hence, providing you a better exposure to the outside working world.
This was what I did when I was in my Polytechnic days. Later I will elaborate more!
And if you are in the first type whereby you have to complete the internship in 4 months one shot..
It its definitely inevitable for you to find the right internship that is related to your course of study, so that you gain the most from what you've learned.

- - -

When I was in my Polytechnic..
I studied Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering.
During the second year I had my internships.. and they were split into two 8-week internships.

For the First internship I worked at Q-Tech, a company that deals with queue number system in clinics and government sectors like the Immigration Centre. It was very related to what I was learning as I get to hands-on on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and troubleshoot with Mulit-meter and Soldering Iron. Hence, I put what I had studied to good use!

As for the Second internship, I requested for something that is NOT related to my course of study, so as to expand myself out of something I always do. Hence, I landed myself at Sharp-Roxy Singapore which our scope of work deals with photocopier machines, and my job was to answer customers' phone calls and send the technicians down to customers' sites for repairing and servicing of the photocopier machines. In another words, I'm like a customer service operator and basically I wear formal and stay in the office most of the time from 8 am to 5 pm. It seems quite a relaxing job.. but it wasn't really.. It can be really hectic at times! But I'm glad that I had been through it and experienced it!

And just to boast abit! I scored As for both my Singapore Internship programs! :P

- - -

My Tips for Scoring your Singapore Internships!

There are only 2 pointers!

1. Do the Best you Can!
2. Be Punctual!

There are some nice pointers from the former Editor of CLEO magazine, Deborah Tan.

They can be summed up in the word "HIRE"


H - a HYPER intern is one that beats a glum one any day
I - having the INITIATIVE to ask your boss for an assignment rather than waiting to be given one
R - being RELIABLE, being on top of the game
E - ENTHUSIASM is important, she stresses, to look like you are interested even though you are not

- - -

From this post... I hope you have a better insight to Internships in Singapore and how you can perform well in the Internship Singapore has for you!

All the Best for your Internship! :)


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