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Cathay Motion Picture Awards is an annual short film competition created to fulfill Cathay Organisation's commitment towards the development of Singapore's film industry. Utilising its assets in cinema exhibition as the platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent, Cathay pioneers the path as the first and only movie exhibitor in Singapore to organise a short film competition.

I was here as a guest for Jasmine Ang..
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Nice Food at the Cathay Atrium to fill our stomach before the show starts..
Well.. its dinner time and its good that they have some food catered for us! :)

This was wad I had.. ;)
So here is Jasmine!
And here I bumped into Jia En who blogs at

At the theatre where we will watch 15 short films which made it to the finals.
 The Emcees, Roger Yeo & Soo Wei - They are super ENERGETIC and CHEERFUL!

Viewers' Choice - Artist by Smells like Team Spirit
Andre He, 27, Freelance Promotions Producer, Ho Wenlong, 26, Student and Luna Pham, 24, Broadcast Graduate from NTU
A little boy and an artist speak of life, friendship and bumboats by the Singapore River. As the artist sketches the view, the little boy realises that the artwork looks different from what he sees in front of him – not realising that the artist was sketching the river from his memory of how it used to be.

Here's the video..

2nd Runner-Up went to Fragments by Triple-J which consists of Jaze Phua, 23, and Jerry Lim, 23, Student & Youtuber for JUO Productions, and Justin Kan, 31, Flight Steward.
Memories are fragmented, and an accumulation of our experiences around us. A blind man speaks of how our senses evoke snippets of our memories, but the best memories are created with the people around us.

And here's their video..

I somehow felt that this short film should helm the 1ST Prize!
The 1st Runner-Up with a prize of $12,000 cash, was the film 这一秒,你好不好 (Seletar) by Studio3B, written and directed by Melinda Tan and produced by Yeo Zhi Qi, both of whom conceptualised the story about two school girls mourning the death of their friend.

Here's the video..

Announcing the TOP Prize - Best Motion Picture!

The Top Prize - Best Motion Picture went to Retch by Incline Visuals. It is an off-beat comedy, about trying to recall what one ate, by director-writer-editor Andrew Kose and director-writer-cinematographer Chervin Chua. The team took home a cash prize of S$20,000, the biggest amount for a film-making competition in Singapore. It is also the largest cash prize in all four years of the competition.

Andy, a librarian, finds himself terribly ill one day. As he throws up, he struggles to jot his memory on what he had for lunch that made him sick.

Here's the video.. 

Somehow I think this short film is not bad.. but better not shown in the Cathay's cinema though they would be showing it there.. because its quite gross to see the puking process esp. after movie goers just had their dinner or lunch. Afraid people might complain for the unpleasant experience they had.
A Group Photo of ALL the Winners!

Happy moments with the good friends I met at the CMPA2015.. William Tan and Leong! :)
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Congratulations to ALL Winners!

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