Thursday, July 30, 2015

All-New Volkswagen Passat 2015 Media Launch!

At the All-New Volkswagen Passat Media Launch on 29th July 2015.

First.. Introduction by the Managing Director of Volkswagen Singapore, Steffen Schwarz

Followed by James Page - General Manager, Marketing

And lastly, Colin Yong from the Public Relations & Communications

 As you can see Volkswagen Passat is ranked No. 1
hence clinching the Car of the Year 2015 title.

The past 7 Generations of Volkswagen Passat!

Wrapping up!

 The Passat Comfortline version.

Very nice seat controls on the side..

The Passat Highline version.

When the brake is engaged, the LED rear lights will switch from horizontal light signature to vertically oriented brake light signature which produces three vertical lines.
The visual signal change makes the brake lights more perceptible, and this increases traffic safety.
I personally feel that this is COOL! :)

This is another Highline model of a different colour.

Nice food and desserts served at the launch.
I must say that the desserts are really Good!
From the Regent.

The green one is a dessert with Pistachio and the purple thing is actually a very soft dessert with cream in it. And the macaroon is the BEST I've ever eaten! It's not very sweet like those I ate outside. It is just nice and delicious! Thumbs up Regent! :)

So Volkswagen gave me a Passat?

Yes.. they gave me a very nice display model of it!
I think its a very good goodie bag item for car launches! :)

Its a pretty simple but yet exclusive media launch.
I had good opportunity getting up-close to the car and also got to sit-in and have the first-hand feel of it!

At the media launch..
I also got to see editors like David Ting from Torque magazine, Deborah Tan from the Material World and Rene Kevin Anthony from REVV Motoring!

Thanks Volkswagen Singapore for the invitation!

For more information on the New Volkswagen Passat..