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The Laurence Collection Media Preview & LLB Blogger Hunt @ COURTS!

Always wanted a house that is filled with class and elegance?
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 Now you can have it all in COURTS!

Proudly brought to you by the Stylish Designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (LLB)!
It was Laurence’s style that launched BBC’s Changing Rooms in 1995 and since then, he has been the ‘go-to’ presenter for home style TV concepts in the UK, becoming one of TV’s favourite faces. Known in the UK on both the BBC and ITV for his high-end thoughtful shows that explore popular issues such as heritage, taste and style, he is a classically trained Fine Artist who has appeared in iconic National events such as HM The Queen’s Jubilee, Her Majesty’s birthday celebrations, The Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Ascot and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  
Laurence’s role as Head Judge and Style Arbiter of The Apartment has thrilled Asia with his surgically-sharp judgements on taste, style and efforts of the celebrity contestants. But Laurence is not just a TV Presenter – he has been at the helm of an extremely successful design practice since 1992, with his branded products appearing in Littlewoods, John Lewis and Harrods.   
2014 saw the retail launch of The House of Laurence, the first ever LLB home collection, expressing a new energy in UK design and Glam Britannia attitude. The BBC has also been following Laurence and his exciting international design activity for a documentary to be aired in 2015 called Cracking China with Laurence.
Here are the designs you should be able to see in store at the COURTS now!
The Laurence – S$1,899 for a classy black chair that gives you the feel "Like a BOSS!" feel!
The Posh – S$1,499 for Chair only Comfortably dependable yet confidently stylish, The Posh provides any room with an eye-catching touch of class. Based on the best of British elegance it's a chair that will easily feel at home with.
Deco – S$2,699 for a 3-seater, S$2,099 for a 2seater and S$1,599 for a 1-seater For this collection, LLB has indulged his love for the monochromatic chic of silver screen glamour. These Art Deco inspired pieces fit seamlessly into a contemporary scheme and bring a real statement of old world flavour to modern decorating.
 Jazz Club – S$ 2,599 for a 3-seater, S$1,999 for a  2seater and S$1,499 for a 1-seater A collection of subtle sophistication that draws inspiration from mid-20th century decorating to create modern elegance for urban living. Jazz Club’s syncopated to geometric glamour creates the perfect space for conversation and cocktails.
Mansion House - S$2,799 for a 3-seater, S$2,199 for a 2-seater and S$1,599 for a 1-seater Very much at home in town or in the country, Mansion House epitomises the confident élan of British highend decorating that LLB has made his signature style. Comfort and glamour combine in a collection of contemporary style with a textbook Georgian twist.
 Rockett – S$1,999 for a 3-seater, S$1,599 for a 2seater and S$1,199 for a 1-seater Inspired by the optimism and energy of 1950’s design, Rockett has a cool clean line that expresses great elegance. Promising not to overwhelm a room, this compact collection is high style and high impact for a surprisingly low budget.
Royal Orchid – S$2,899 for a 3-seater, S$2,299 for a 2-seater and S$1,699 for a 1-seater This collection is LLB’s homage to the refinement and elegant luxury of high-class Oriental style. Exquisitely designed to make an opulent statement within a surprisingly compact footprint, Royal Orchid can be relied upon to bring a regal flourish to your home.
SG50 Cocktail – S$2,950 for 3-seater, S$2,299 for a 2-seater, S$1,699 for a 1-seater This is a real celebration of Brand Singapore, a homage to the go-to-glam capital of Asia that is synonymous with the jet-set cocktail elegance found here and nowhere else.
The Duchess – S$2,499 for a 3-seater, S$1,899 for a 2-seater and S$1,399 for a 1-seater Grand, yet unbelievably comfortable, The Duchess is the last word in luxurious style. Inspired by the high style luxury of Britain's most elegant stately homes, The Duchess is a new and sophisticated take on the timeless classic Chesterfield design.
The Emperor – Pricing to be confirmed 
Created to give today's interiors the same practical style that until now, has only been an option at the very top end of the furniture market. These three exquisitely designed pieces make a statement of designer luxury that far exceeds their affordable price. Each sofa in the collection has been created with a commitment to quality, detailing and practicality alongside the eye-catching application of LLB flair
The Glamour – S$2,599 for a 3-seater, S$1,999 for a 2-seater and S$1,499 for a 1-seater A collection that scintillates with style and sophistication. Inspired by the sparkling glamour of Hollywood heyday decorating, The Glamour is most assuredly A-list design.
The Imperial – S$2,399 for a 3-seater, S$1,899 for a 2-seater and S$1,399 for a 1-seater
The Palace - S$2,299 for a 3-seater, S$1,799 for a 2seater and S$1,299 for a 1-seater
The Ritz – S$1,899 for a 2 seater with 1 Arm + Ottomon, S$1,499 for 2-seater with 1 Arm and S$999 for 1-seater without Arm Contemporary elegance at its most stylish. The Ritz is allows for a near infinite palette of combinations that can be used to truly personalise your space in ways that are both original and sophisticated.
Beach Party – S$999 for a Corner, S$799 for a 1seater without Arm A truly fashionable design statement guaranteed to bring today's contemporary interiors to life. This is LLB style at its most couture, a palette of richly sophisticated patterned pieces that can be brought together in infinite combinations to create a statement of fabulous glamour.
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Few weeks back...
We had the LLB Bloggers Hunt at the Launch of his designed pieces in store at COURTS!
It was fun and exciting!
We had to find the design pieces that were designed by LBB, i.e. under The House of Laurence
within a specified area at COURTS. If I'm not wrong.. there were a total of 15 items to be found. Top 3 Bloggers who managed to spot the most number of items within a specific time frame would stand to win special products from The House of Laurence.
Well.. I was lucky to came in second...
I found about 8-9 items.
Here are some of the items I found. :)


Meeting Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in-person!

Before the LBB Bloggers' Hunt.. Laurence was there in-person to share with us his experiences on his designs and what customers can expect from the designs.
It was very captivating to hear him talk.
 He has the sense of style and humour.
with great confidence and the ability to convince his listeners.

Myself posing and modelling on one of his design chairs..
and he was behind disturbing me! haha..
I was a nice shot though.. I was totally unaware. :)
a group photo with Christy and friends.. :)
A final group photo before we wrap up The Laurence Collection Media Preview & LLB Blogger Hunt @ COURTS!

It was of great pleasure exposing to these uniquely designed furniture and items.
Furthermore, it was even more rewarding to meet the designer himself at the media launch - hearing him sharing about his designs and inspirations to them.

Head down to the nearest COURTS to check out his designs now!

Items from the goodie bag
- The Midnight Ballroom candles
- a Notebook signed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Items from the LLB Blogger Hunt
- Royal Garden Party | Bijoux Reed Diffuser
- The House of Laurence Cushion

The House of Laurence


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