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Singapore in the 60s by James Suresh & Syed Ismail from the MR. KIASU !!!

25 . 06 . 2015
Was the Book Launch of "Singapore in the 60s" by James Suresh & Syed Ismail
@ Queenstown Primary School
where James and his pals studied and grew up in.
It was my first time seeing James Suresh in person.. and he is a nice humble chap.
It will be a personal recollection of experiences seen through the eyes of the author James Suresh who grew up in a rented flat in Margaret Drive, Queenstown, one of the first housing estates in Singapore. The flats have since been demolished but the memories in the sixties will help the young to appreciate the past and the older Singaporeans to recall and reminisce about days gone by. Through comic illustrations and humorous anecdotes young readers will get a glimpse of what life was like for the Singaporean child, teenager or adult 50 years ago. The book will provide a view of life in the heartlands and focus on everyday events like schooling, recreation, family activities, community interaction, entertainment, and major events that took place in the 60s.

Some of the books written by him were the popular MR. KIASU, Kopithiam, On a Street in Singapore and When I Was In Uniform.......
Below are some of the slides presented there..
And the pictures are all in the book.

In the 60s... people used to have a typewriter to help them type their letter..

Yes.. Last time there are rubbish n swill collector.
James said when you're shitting, sometimes the container to collect your bowels can just be pulled away! Aww...~!

In our days now.. we call them 'Security Guard'
Last time they call them Jaga.. James mentioned the platform which the Jaga sat on would somehow just appear at a certain time.. probably in the late afternoon or evening without fail. haha.
U will just suddenly see it appear there.. Lol.

Well.. my elder brother used to catch spiders in his primary school days as well. I think he is more Pro! Compare to me lah... :P


A speech by Dr. William Wan, General Secretary Singapore Kindness Movement.
He wrote the foreword for the book. Speaks very well with the ability to influence.
After his speech it was supposed to be Mr Avtar Singh, Ex-Principal of Queenstown Primary School (1964 - 1983) to deliver the speech. But unfortunately, he was not feeling well, hence couldn't make it for the book launch.

 Here next we have Brian Richmond, Mediacorp Personality and former Queenstown resident who shared with us his childhood stories and how he found his wife-to-be Sue at Queenstown.
Last but not least, the MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC (Queenstown), Dr. Chia Shi Lu.
He sort of gave a wrapping up of the book launch and shared his point of view about this book.
Mentioning they will try to preserve the things that will be meant to be served as a memory.
A Group Photo!
- - -
Here I would let you have a 'closer' peek into Singapore in the 60s!
I had the book signed by both James Suresh & Syed Ismail.

I din know the nurses can be so fierce back then!

This was sth that's pretty familiar to me..
maybe it happens at Tiong Bahru too. :)

I almost forgotten that the skipping rope was made from rubber bands last time. :P

Ah ah... this was sth I remember.. I remember my dad lived at the 4th storey at Tiong Bahru, Kim Pong Road and their balcony was very big and sometimes they have this container to put things inside and they lowered down the container to the 1st floor for someone to collect the item/s. Vice versa - to bring item/s up. Well.. there's no lift in those walk-up apartments that time.. Forgot to bring house key and lazy to walk-up those flights of stairs again.. Ask someone upstairs to carry out this Mission! ha..

More about the Author! 

James Suresh is the co-creator of Singapore's comic icon, Mr. Kiasu, Kopi Thiam and other comic creations, brings with him a comic approach to storytelling. His recent book 'On A Street in Singapore' was listed on the Sunday Times Best Sellers list for 5 weeks and was also awarded 2nd prize in the Reader's choice award organised by the Popular bookstore.
With the assistance of the Character and Citizenship Education Department at the Ministry of Education, 4,500 of the 5,000 SG50 sponsored books will find their way into school libraries with 10 copies of the book made available to each school library in Singapore.
The author intends to donate the remaining books to his former primary school, secondary school and other institutions where he pursued his studies.
Some of the illustrations and stories from the book are also being used by MOE's student Development Curriculum division as teaching resources for teachers as they engage students in lessons leading up to National Day.
50 copies of the books will be made available to the PUBLIC through social media contest to be announced at a later date.
Do stay tuned! Perhaps I would be the one holding the contest and you have the book for FREE! ;)

Here.. a photo with James the writer on my left and Syed the illustrator on my right.
bringing them and myself back to the 60s..

A photo with the Writer himself, James Suresh
Really great to have someone who actually penned down what was actually like in the past..
How our parents used to live and hence, learning their culture.
I'm not very old though.. ha.. but some of the illustrations in the book does bring back some images I experienced before. Maybe when I was very young around 1990s, Tiong Bahru housing still have not torn down, I used to visit my dad's old house to help him out with some chores. :)
I would like to sincerely thank James and Syed for this book.

Thank you!

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