Thursday, June 11, 2015

*SCAPE Marketplace

Have you check out the *SCAPE Marketplace already ??
Here are some stuffs you may find there...
Pretty trendy and cool...
ranging from sunglasses to bodycare products.

this is how you can mix n match at $10 per set. :)


Guy's berms.
Shades for you this summer? Well.. Singapore is always HOT & SUNNY~!

Shuai Ma?
Not very ex..
Dun compare to Chatuchak la..
Fly there also waste the air expense liaos.
this is considered cheap. :)

Nice tank tops for ladies...

to match with me?
haha.. jus kiddin'
a dog tag for your cute doggie or miumiu or momo or chiuchiu or tutu or poopoo?
Event promoters at the SCAPE Marketplace!
Thanks to William for being proactive to get a shot of them. :)

Well.. I bought a pair of this made of tyre slippers.. but not this pair. :)

 See.. I bought many stuffs from there ~ !!
Feel free to head down there to Check them out for yourself !!

EXPECT MORE at *SCAPE Marketplace!

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