Sunday, June 14, 2015

MDoC - Nose Blackhead All Kill Kit.

Have you guys tried this before?
Well.. I guess most probably NOT!
Because its not really sold in Singapore yet.
I have my First Trial of it
and the effect was really Good!
See the results later!

the pack comes with a spray and 10 sachets of the Blackhead All Kill Patch.

Back of the box - they provide clear illustrations of how you should use it.

Simply just spray, paste and leave it there for about 15 mins..
And there you go.. u can see my black/white heads are out on the patch.
Pretty effective!
And here you can see my nose is very clean.. right?
NEVER USE MeiTuXiuXiu on my Nose Hor!! :)
Interested to get this product?
Drop me an email at