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National School Games 2015 on Super Sports Arena Starhub's Channel!

All the while.. I'm pretty much a sports person. Pretty active in swimming and enjoy playing football with my friends. And at the same time.. I hit the gym at least once a week with my gym buddy so as to tone up my muscles, build strength and achieve a better body shape. And recently.. I mean for the past few years.. I picked up running! When I was in my younger school days.. I HATE Running! Its like so tiring and you have to complete that 2.4km in a certain timing. But few years back when I tried running outside at my estate area.. listening to music at the same time, its so much different as compared to when you have to run under a certain timing. It can be pretty relaxing, helps to de-stress and makes you feel lighter after the run. Well.. you didn't try you wouldn't know!
So well! Being a sporty person.. I'm selected by The Influencer Network to create awareness for the National School Games 2015!
So What is National School Games then?
National School Games is an upcoming sports TV programme that features Singapore's annual inter-school sports competition. It has intensive, heart-pumping moments of Singapore's youth athletics competing for the Championship for various types of sports, which includes tennis, basketball & rugby. National School Games will start airing from 22nd June to mid-August on Starhub's SuperSports Arena.

Last Tuesday.. I was there for one of their games - Basketball - at the Jurong Sports Hall.
It was between Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Junior College for the ladies' basketball, and
Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Junior College for the men's basketball.

It was very entertaining to watch them play and compete against one another, so I'm sure it would definitely be the same on screen on the Super Sports Arena.

So here we have..

Hwa Chong Institution vs. Nanyang JC (Ladies)

Here's a video footage of the match that day!
I felt the 3-pointer shots from the NYJC were really accurate and they got it in most of the time. Thumbs up!

Strategizing their team work.

Supporters from the NYJC cheered pretty loud and impactful along with their flags and balloon stick throughout the match.

So was the cheers from Hwa Chong Junior College.. They were pretty aggressive too!

I quite like the banner they put up.. 爱我
It feels very united and influential.

Hwa Chong Institution vs. Raffles JC (Men's)

So here are the Men's basketball..
Expect to be even fiercer and more exciting!

The RJC supporters.. giving their best cheers for their team!

Well.. I would say the guys were indeed fiercer.. but I felt that the ladies' basketball seemed more exciting. haha.. Not becos I like ladies.. but.. maybe its becos the guys are fiercer they fell on to the floor more times than the ladies and hence it was like watching them keep falling to the ground most of the time. :P Whereas the ladies they were more steady and the shots were nicer.

The 2-pointer shots from the RJC were very accurate..

Strategizing their team work.
"Okie.. Later you go and fake that guy, I go here.. you go there then he go up!"

Here were the trophies and medals laid out nicely on the table.

Who would be the winner for that day?

Watch National School Games on Starhub's SuperSports Arena
Every Monday at 930pm, starting from 22nd June 2015 to know the winner!

A photo with the supporters from RJC.

Want to see more exciting moments?

Watch National School Games on Starhub's SuperSports Arena
Every Monday at 930pm, starting from 22nd June 2015!

What's More?

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