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AOne Mother's Day Promotional Set‏ [Food Review]

 AOne Claypot House specialises in their Porridge!
Hence.. having a pot of porridge on the table is a Must!
Above here is the piping hot Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw Claypot Porridge!
And there are 2 servings of these Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw Claypot Porridge

Spinach with Mushroom and Sea Cucumber
  The mushrooms and Sea Cucumber were really Fresh! 
Deep Fried Sea Bass
First Impression counts.. and this fish has won it!
Dunch you think it looks presentable and appealing!?
I love the sauce and tenderness of the fish... the crispy part of it was ShiOk toO!
I shall jus summarize it to One Word.. "AWESOME!"
Golden Prawn in Creamy Salted Egg Sauce
This was my favourite dish.. and so are my brothers!
Its so freaking nice that it was the first dish that was CLEARED!
I will go for this again next time!
Scallop Fried with Lotus Root and Asparagus
Ooo.. I love Vege.. and this was Really Nice and I still remembered the taste of it vividly!
Rock Sugar Honey Pork
This was authentic..
The sweetness in it was so NATURAL and it was not gelate at all!

 Crab Meat and Fish Maw Shark's Fin Soup
This was really Nice too! From the texture of the soup surface you can see its very well mixed.. with the finest of the crab meat, fish maw and shark's fin!

So here's the Happy Family Premium Pot!
In Chinese we called it "盆菜"
.. where we mix all the good stuffs inside.. Abalone, Scallops, Brocolli, Mushrooms, etc..
Longevity Noodle with Sesame Oil Chicken
This is something a little sweet.. but its taste pretty well as well..
Something different from our normal noodles that we used to eat at other restaurants. Hence, its definitely worth your try!
Last but not least.. to finish off with a light dessert!
Red Dates and Longan Dessert (per serving each)
- - -
Over here.. mum playing with her grandson!
So cute right? Keep jumping up and down cant take a proper shot. ha..
So here comes the Mother's Day cake that I bought to have a simple celebration for my mum..
.. as well as my Sister-in-law who's also mother of three now! :)
After singing the Mother's Day song... (Birthday song convert to Mother's Day song. haha!)
They made a wish and blew the candles. :)
Isn't that sweet?
All the mothers are the greatest!
They brought us to the world... took care of us and worried for us!
It is important to have this day, Mothers' Day to recognise their effort and time put in to take care of us! It is important to treat them to a good meal on this special day.. Hence, for this mother's day.. I would recommend AOne Claypot House as the FiRST Choice of Restaurant to celebrate your mother's day!
The dinner set I had here above was for 10 pax ($338++).
It's considered a VERY GOOD PRICE for 10 pax, provided the quality of food they offered.
There are other promotional dinner set as well for
8 pax ($298++) , 6 pax ($238) and 4 pax ($138).
Check out the Promotion Set Menu here!
Click to enlarge!
So here's a picture of me and my mum!
I'm grateful to have her here for took care of me, making French toasts and coffee for me in the morning, and cooking for me! :)
I'm sure she was happy that All of us celebrated for her that day!
- - -
The overall experience of the food was really good!
All my family members feedback that the food was good!
I'm sure its a good place to bring your mum and family to celebrate this joyous occasion together! The food are all suitable to their tastes buds and their outlets are all conveniently located islandwide at the following locations:

Junction 8
#01-49 Singapore 579837

Tampines 1
#05-04 Singapore 529536

Chinatown Point
#B1-47 Singapore 059413

Jurong Point (JP1)
#03-09 Singapore 648886

NEX Shopping Centre
#B1-73 Singapore 556083

The Sports Hub
1 Stadium Place #01-33/34 Singapore 397628

The Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue #02-14/15/16 Singapore 797653

Causeway Point
#03-31 Woodlands Square Causeway Point  Singapore 738099
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-135 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

My rating for this restaurant would be 4/5.
So what say you? Make your reservation for your Mother's Day celebration today by calling this number - 9125 9611 Today !!
For more information visit:
I'm sure it would be a rewarding one!

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