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The Con Artists will rewrite the history of crime films in Korea ! Charged with skill and energy, the top ‘con artists’ have joined forces to steal, in just 40 minutes, 150 million dollars of black money hidden in Incheon Customs, a top security system in North East Asia!

Starring Korean heartthrob Kim Woo-bin from popular drama "The Inheritors", Lee Hyun-woo, Im Joo-hwan, Jo Yoon-hee, Kim Young-cheol & Ko Chang-seok, 'The Con Artists' is a caper movie that depicts unprecedented business, composed of top class experts from each field, who join together to steal enormous amounts of black money hidden in the customhouse of Incheon International airport within a limited timeframe of 40 minutes.

This is also the second movie of director Kim Hong-seon who took home the Rookie Director Award at the 33rd Blue Dragon Awards in 2012 with the movie "The Traffickers".


The Master Planner.

The Genius Hacker.

The Casting Director.

I find this jacket of his and his hairstyle somewhat looks quite like the character
in The King of Fighters, Kyo Kusanagi!
(A character in a fighting arcade game)

Kyo Kusanagi
in The King of Fighters!

KIM Young-chol

and this guy.. I find him having the resemblance of Bruce Lee and Christopher Lee (Singapore artistes, Lee Ming Shun) What you guys think?

Ahh.. this one looks like Bruce Lee! Water!!!!!!!!!!

Ok la.. his name is called LIM Ju-hwan!

LEE Hyun-woo

Shes the lady which the lead actor, KIM Woo-bin likes in the movie..
Isn't she very pretty?
Theres nothing that is imperfect I can say about her externally.
What else can she operate?
Oh I mean plastic surgery!
Or.. perhaps she has done it already!? I'm not sure..

Her name is CHO Youn-hee!

In this movie the Best Part I Like about is the part when KIM Woo-bin, the Master-Planner tried to open the safe. They made it look so interesting JUST by opening a safe!

Ahh.. this one looks like Lee Ming Shun... (Christopher Lee) haha..

Look at his TIE!
This guy looks quite familiar.. I can't recall where I saw him on TV.

Many nice screenshots you have seen!
Its time to watch the movie!

 Directed by: KIM Hong-sun

Starring : KIM Woo-bin, KIM Young-chol, GO Chang-suk, LEE Hyun-woo, CHO Youn-hee, LIM Ju-hwan

Release Date : 2nd April 2015
 Language : In Korean with English subtitles only
Run Time: 116 mins

Movie Rating : 8/10


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