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Heineken Extra Cold Launch Party @ KYO!

Freeze the Moment with

Heineken serves its coldest beer yet, leaving you refreshed with every sip

16 April 2015 Singapore - Heineken, the world’s leading international premium beer, launches its latest innovation, Heineken Extra Cold, in Singapore. Created by Heineken’s award-winning technology for innovation, Heineken Extra Cold serves its signature Heineken draught beer at subzero levels for a truly invigorating and extra refreshing experience till the last sip – perfect for Singapore’s year round summer heat!

Tapped as a smooth draught from its new and innovative frozen draught column, straight into a frozen glass, Heineken Extra Cold is served at an impressive -3°C to +1°C for an optimum sub-zero Heineken experience.


Available in selected outlets from April 2015, Heineken’s superior quality allows it to withstand subzero temperatures, making it smoother while keeping its intense and delicious taste intact. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, Heineken Extra Cold offers instant refreshment in Singapore’s warm and humid climate.

In true Heineken fashion, innovation is key. The Heineken Extra Cold draught is tapped from a carefully constructed, partly-frozen draught column that comes complete with a thin layer of ice and a booster cooler that chills the beer down to a sub-zero temperature. To maintain the taste with the perfect pour, Heineken glasses are super chilled to complement the intense enjoyment of a tasty and crisp Heineken that is extra cold.

Heineken Extra Cold is available in more than 110 markets globally including Singapore. Every glass of Heineken Extra Cold is served in accordance with the ‘Heineken Star Serve Ritual’, which details specific pouring angle, glassware cleanliness, foam skimming technique and serving standard to ensure the quality of the Heineken draught beer is consistently served at its highest so that enjoyment from a perfect Heineken draught beer is never compromised.

"We are excited to launch Heineken Extra Cold in Singapore as we are always looking forward to innovate and enhance consumer's drinking experience. With an award-winning technology that sustains beer draught at sub-zero temperatures, we are able to enhance the enjoyment of Heineken with Extra Cold. The experience is absolutely invigorating and perfect for Singapore's tropical weater all year round," shared René de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Heineken Extra Cold makes its debut from April 2015 at selected outlets such as KPO, kyō, and Nassim Hill.

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About Heineken in Singapore

Enjoyed in over 199 countries around the world, Heineken is Singapore’s most enjoyed premium international beer. A well-balanced and smooth lager known for its pure taste and consistent quality, Heineken is also renowned the world over for its innovative initiatives.

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@ the Heineken Extra Cold Launch Party!
It's really very cold there..
With Leong, William & Benjamin (From left)
Trying to pour a good glass of beer..
with certain criteria to meet. Like the level between the beer and the foam must be  on the horizontal straight line of the Heineken Star on the glass.
a nice picture with the event girl there..
she's really sweet lookin' and friendly too! :)
Here I am.. the Certified Pourer for the Draught. ;)
a picture with Priscilla the cheerful friend of Joey Ching who blogs at
A final group photo before we ended our night of fun! ;)
Thanks HEINEKEN for inviting me and my friends for the wonderful Extra Cold launch!
Especially in this very hot equatorial country of ours.. we need the EXTRA COLD over here!
HEINEKEN EXTRA COLD is definitely the choice of beer for Singaporeans!

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