Friday, April 24, 2015

Food at KL, Kuala Lumpur ALOR STREET!

 W.A.W also known as Wong Ah Wah
And these are the food I ordered at W.A.W
Stingray and Kang Kong vegetables.
The Kang Kong vegetables so so only..
[Singlish: "so so" means average]

But this Stingray was amazing.
Its very different from those in Singapore which we have gravy on top.. but over there is fried and it has a taste of curry in it.. Reelee nice.. you should try! :)
This restaurant there called "Sai Woo" looks the Most Happening one over there! It has many people sitting outside eating and its probably the most crowded one among the many stalls I saw there.

and I ordered Satay, Chicken Wings and Coconut drink there.
I suddenly have craving for some Fish Ball noodle soup..
Hence.. I ordered something from this stall here..
 I ordered Fish Ball Kuay Teow Soup.
It has quite many Fish Balls inside. so it was pretty worth it! :)
 Can try!

Hope you enjoyed the post on ALOR STREET!

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