Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

A throwback of the photos taken during Chinese New Year 2015!!
Family Reunion Dinner!
Yu Sheng!
Huat Ah!
 Food prepared by my Da Sao!
Pen Cai!
 Steamboat.. guess everyone enjoyed cooking the food together as a family! :)
This was my Da Sao's signature dish every Chinese New Year!
Its really nice and creative! :)
After that we had a toast of Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa wine..
 It was awesome! :)
Chu Yi.. Its a standard thing that we would have my grandma's home-made Mee Sua every Da Nian Chu Yi morning!
random selfie shot.
delicious dishes made by my 2nd aunt (Er Yi) .. she's good at making nice dishes! :)
The fried Ngoh Hiong at the bottom of the picture is also one of our special dish during CNY!
It can be eaten with the lettuce wrap over it.
Prawn that has a unique sour taste in it..
a taste u probably would not find it outside.

Maternal family Lo Yu Shang!

 These are the 2 words of my surname Owyeong in traditional Chinese writing!
with my two brothers wearing the same polka dotted short-sleeved shirt... for CNY! :)