Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Singapore Premiere of SARA《雏妓》

First of all.. this is a R21 movie.

If you do not know wad is R21.. it means u must be at least of age 21 years old to watch this movie.
I would explain this because someone really did ask me wad is R21. :P

I guess last time we called it RA..

Well watched the trailer here below!

Journalist Sara has just spent four months completing an in-depth investigation piece. Her editor-in-chief, afraid of offending powerful politicians and business moguls, refuses to run it. Sara’s boyfriend, who works for the same magazine, chooses not to warn her and even sides with the editor-in-chief. In just one moment, Sara is turned off by her work, her love relationship and even about life.
At this low point in her life, Sara exiles herself to Chiang Mai, Thailand. One evening, while at a bar, Sara meets child prostitute Dok-my. During her time getting to know Dok-my and through the process of rescuing her, Sara becomes haunted by the memories of her own past.



Charlene Choi – Charlene Choi bursts onto the Hong Kong pop music scene in 2001 and has been featured in almost 50 films. Charlene made her film debut in Heroes in Love  (2001). Since then, she has proved to be a prolific, versatile and promising actress. Whether in The Twins Effect (2003) , A Chinese Tall Story (2005) or The Midas Touch (2013), Charlene has never failed to surprise and to impress. She won Best Actress in the 11th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival for her performance in Diary (2007), followed by Best Actress in Golden Bauhinia Award in 2007 for Simply Actors (2007).

Simon Yam – Veteran actor Simon Yam started his acting career at television station making more than 190 drama series before striking out into films. Since then, he has become a mainstay in Johnnie To’s crime thrillers, such as PTU (2004) and Election (2006), for which he was named Best Actor at the Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards. He scored a hat-trick at the Hong Kong Film Awards with Mabel Cheung’s nostalgic Echoes of the Rainbow in 2010. Yam also co-starred opposite Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider II and took part in 2 Korean Films: co-starred in the top-grossing The Thieves (2012) and cameo in Cold Eyes (2013).


I personally find that the movie was quite good actually. It does show occurrence of a young prostitute in Thailand and how it relates it to Charlene Choi's life in the movie. Its a daring role for Charlene. Thumbs up! But I think the movie would be good for a M18.. becos there isn't any or aren't many real exposures of private parts of any of the female actresses in the movie. It would be abit low rated for an R21.
Overall.. I would say the movie... CAN WATCH! :)

Movie Rating: 7/10



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