Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MdoC - Make Over Only of Homme (For Men)

 This package inclusive of

- Relief Tonic with Aftershave x1 (100ml)
- Relief Essence Emulsion  x1 (100ml)
 - Relief Essential Mask x2 (18ml)
 The one on the right side is NOT included in the box.
Its a separate item from the package.


Its an enhanced calm ingredient as well as moisturizing to gently the skin irritation after shaving.

As skin irritation caused by  frequent outside activites, Madecassoide gives abundant water supply and helps skin improvement to rough and damaged men's skin. Furthermore, enhanced plant-derived calm ingredient cares skin barrier and improves skin stress after cleansing and shaving such as tingling, redness and skin pulling. Cosmetic ingredients such as Witch Hazel Water, Grape Fruit Extract and others care irregularly secreted sebum and make the skin moist and smooth.


Rich moisturization of essence - no more oily skin with silky finish!

S/W type allows for the silky and smooth sensation on the skin. Grape seed extract, Chamomile extract, and Camellia Sinensis Leaf ingredients effectively care dry and rough skin of men with proper tension to the skin. It is suitable for men with sufficient moisturization instead of oily feeling.


Amazing effect from botanical ingredients only for men.

Most of men's skin are rough and dry due to harmful environment, busy life, smoking, drinking, and others. The relief essential mask is convenient and delivers moisture and nutrition for more attractive and healthier skin. Albutin makes the skin brighter and marine botanical chlorella extract gives energy to maintain the skin smooth and healthy with refreshing application.

You can see the mask is fully in contact with my skin with minimal air bubbles in between.
Thanks to its quality and the slits at the sides so that the mask can be overlapped at the corners to ensure that every part of your face is in contact with the Relief Essential Mask.
You can leave the mask on for about 10-15 mins or more.

After the Relief Essential Mask
No filter and no editing.
My face looks pretty radiant and fresh right?


Start with relief first peeling gel to remove dead skin cells of men's face.
Caring dead skin cells is essential for clearer and smoother skin. Soft application gives freshness and botanical rice bran extract presents immediate peeling effect to care unnecessary dead skin cells, sebum, and skin wastes without irritation. Botanical ingredients such is carbomer extract and perilla ocymoides leaf extract help skin purify effect for clearer skin leaving moist skin texture after massage without dryness.

Its basically to apply the gel on your face and rub your face gently.. massaging it at the same time.
So that rubber-liked bits would appear on your hand like this above.

And this is how it looks like on my face after the rub-on on my face.
I applied it on my forehead too.

AND Tell ya wad.. after I cleanse it off..
My face was AMAZINGLY SmoOth!!

I'm glad to have know this product!
Thanks MdoC for the sponsorship!
I will be featuring more of their other products like Nose Blackhead Remover and Relief Foam Cleanser.

Continue to stay tuned to my blogposts and updates!
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Have a good day! :)

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