Monday, March 2, 2015

5 Things I like about the New Peugeot 308!

When it comes to cars.. I'm very particular to every detail of the car and what the car can provide me.
It is important that the car must be user-friendly, becos u gonna use it everyday. You wouldn't want a car that is complicated and make u frustrated when you wanna toggle with some functions.
Its my first time having hands on a Peugeot.. and its on the New Peugeot 308! And after a thoughtful process.. I've come up with 5 things I Like about the car.
First.. The Electric Parking Brake and Hill Assist.
Saw that Red (P) Light on?
Its actually a Hand Brake.
The New 308 features an automatic electric parking brake (or hand brake), meaning you do NOT have to put your handbrake on again after you put your car to parking mode, and your car is secure even when parked on a slope. Sloping starts are simpler than ever too with the New 308’s Hill Assist. The control works at the touch of a button, with a light indicating that the car is secure. Then the brakes stay on for two seconds, making it easy to pull away. The automatic electric handbrake and Hill Assist are available as standard on the Active, Allure and Feline versions.
With this Electric Parking Brake and Hill Assist.. there isn't a traditional hand-brake sticking out in between the central console.. hence it saves some space and looks much neater. :)
Second thing I Like about the car is that it has a Panoramic Roof.
I really love this because it makes the car feels airier and spacious inside!
I don't like to be constrained and nobody does.. a car like this with the Panoramic Roof will provide me and my passengers a carefree feel in the car. It provides a more relax and carefree experience for everyone. If the light is too bright outside, the innovative in-built canopy will filter the lights off so you never get dazzled. The panoramic cielo glass roof is available as standard on the Feline version, or as an option on the Active and Allure versions.
Third thing I Like about the car is that it has a Large 9.7" Touchscreen tablet that turns towards the driver and is perfectly integrated into the central dashboard. It provides fingertip access to all features. Their largest touch screen to date (available on the Active version and above) brings all your multimedia and air conditioning controls together in one place for ease of use. This stylish touch screen to date is framed by a simple dashboard, with very few buttons and just one large volume dial - an original approach to complete a minimalist look.

Fourth.. I like the backlamps which has a design of their own. They are like three straight diagonal lines down.. At least its something different rather than the normal backlights by many others like.. Ermz.. not to mention here! :P But those one piece type lah!

 Fifth.. Its the Blind Spot Monitor!
This is pretty interesting! And I didn't know that cars can have such function.
It has a clever sensor that warns you if there’s something in your blind spot when you’re manoeuvring. Available as an option on the Allure and Feline versions. Cool~!
The front looks pretty luxury and sporty at the same time too.. depends on how you wanna see it.
It looks abit like Lexus... and the at the same time it looks abit like the Scirocco.
Alright.. You have the Best of Both Worlds!
My overall experience of the car was really good!
It delivers a pretty good 120bhp with the BLUEHDi Engine..
But unfortunately the test drive session was a bit too short. I didn't put the car to the real test of the speed.
I would love to drive this car again and also bring my love ones around.. allow my family to have a feel of the car that has a Panoramic Roof.. And my dad's 70th Birthday is round the corner.. It would be good to have this car to drive him to his Big Birthday celebration!!! ;)

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