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"What's Your Love Letter?" Campaign by Julie's Biscuit

BUT Only the Chocolate Cream... because I don't like Strawberry-processed stuffs.
So now you guys know a lil' bit more about me... But I do take the strawberry fruit itself. :)
Here.. Julie's is having a campaign "What is your Love Letters?" for this CNY & Valentine's Season!
Inside each container above.. there would be 3 packets of Ang Pow like the ones below...

Pretty cute and simple designs!

And Each of these ang pows contain a piece of paper.. for you to write something to express your love to someone whom you love.

Its just a small piece of paper like this above..
 In today’s hectic lifestyle, how many of us can actually take the time and effort to express their heartfelt feelings through letter writing?
In order to encourage everyone to re-ignite the long lost love among family, friends, their partners and colleagues, Julie’s Biscuits commenced “What’s Your Love Letter?” campaign in conjunction with this Chinese New Year which motivate people to express their love and feelings through writing.
Every Chinese New Year, all Chinese households will purchase the authentic and delicious New Year treats to serve their guests. Obviously, not forgetting Malaysia No. 1 best-selling products, Julie’s Love Letters – that Baked with Love.
According to Ms. Rigel Oye, the Marketing General Manager of Julie’s, “In today’s digital age, most people will choose to use digital media like e-mail or text messages instead of hand writing a letter. Although for some, a handwritten letter may not be as attractive but the unique handwriting messages adds a personal touch to the letter. Therefore through Julie’s Love Letters theme ‘What’s Your Love Letter?’, we like to encourage everyone to creates a beautiful physical touch through writing to express their feelings towards their family, friends, loved ones to mark this special Chinese New Year with Julie’s.”
“When we were young, we often receive a letter or a note from our friends with a simple ‘How are you today?’ and we will reply that message. This simple action of writing to each other is filled with warm memories and was how we expressed our love. There are many ways to express our love but love was not meant to be kept in our hearts. Today, if you were to ask once again how it’s like to receive a handwritten message, the simplest yet touching answer of reminiscence.
Many of us rely on forwarded messages from our mobile phones and directly send to our friends and family. But how many of us really send a well-wishes message written by oneself? Through this campaign, now we can take the time to fill the messages by expressing our gratitude and love to the ones we care and love to imprint their hearts filled with heartwarming wishes and love.”
In Julie’s tradition, shares the love always brings out the best of their employees because of the love that they have when producing our biscuits – baked with love.
This year, Julie’s Love Letters would like to encourage everyone to be the best in you and share your love and gratitude to your loved ones by writing down messages filled with blessings and well wishes to usher in the New Year and to have a great year ahead.
Therefore, through our Julie’s Love Letters campaign, “What’s Your Love Letters?” Julie's hope to bring out the best of someone and deliver its blessings and heartwarming messages to their loved ones.
For those who prefer to do it online.. they have limited edition of Chinese New Year e-postcards at their Julie’s Biscuits Facebook page at and download the exclusive Chinese New Year e-postcards.
Above is how it will look like when you enter the app. and there u type your message..
written above is just an example.. haha.. :P
So the final outcome would be like this which you can Share, Email or Download!

These are the 3 types of Postcards which you can choose and send out!
I've got a postcard written by Julie's Team as well...!
It is the Pink Post-card No. 02 above that I received.
Very nice handwriting.. Thanks for the Blessings and Effort! :)

I hereby also send a postcard to them...
to wish them "A Happy Chinese New Year!" :)

This is the front of the postcard which i'm sending with my Chinese name and signature on it! ;)
Hope its well received by them! :)

-  -  -
In this spring, Julie’s has produced The Best of You video clips which encourages everyone to express their true self in celebrating the New Year and to appreciate the ones around you that could bring out the best of you. Beside we’re airing it on selected TV stations, you may also able to watch it through our Julie’s Facebook page and Youtube account.
Julie’s hope that this Chinese New Year, everyone will enjoy the Julie’s Love Letters and shares them with their loved ones so that they will have a year filled with happiness and love!
More information about Julie's Love Letters
Julie’s Love Letters is the new revised recipe of the traditional “Kuih Kapit”. The thin & crunchy roll wrapped with flavored cream which leaves a satisfying and warm feeling of love. Julie’s Love Letters genuinely made out of natural ingredients that is in accordance to the health standards. The natural ingredients used contain of NO additives, NO trans-fat and NO cholesterol, with a strict management standards of ISO and HACCP, and most importantly all these production are baked with patience and love. “If I do not eat what I made, I will never give it to others”, a belief and tradition in Julie’s family where we encourage people to work whole-heartedly in a comfortable operating space.
Julie’s progressively creates new recipes to meet the trend and consumer taste, where we have a variety of flavors like Love Letters Chocolate Cream, Love Letters Strawberry Flavored Cream and Cocoro Black Wafer Stick Vanilla Flavored Cream. These range are mostly desire by consumers that brings out the love and flourish the meaning of sincerity and happiness to the ones who receive. Julie’s hope that this Chinese New Year, Julie’s Love Letters will be one of the greatest gifts that you could share with your family and friends that could simply melt and warm their hearts.
Julie's Biscuits

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