Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A-One Claypot House - Singapore's Best Porridge! [Food Review]


Visited the A-One Claypot House @ Kallang Wave last weekend..
to try their porridge which they are famous for.

First.. I was drawn to the very nice transparent tea-cup and tea-pot they have..
Its something very unique and I really enjoyed my tea with such appealing teapot set.
Below are the food that I've tried..
 咸鱼花腩煲 Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish
一品锅 Premium Claypot (Abalone Mushroom, Scallop, Sliced Fish, Prawn, Fish Maw)
瓦煲宫保田鸡 Claypot Dried Chilli Frog Leg
Fresh frog leg, well marinated with gong bao sauce, then topped with generous serving of dried chilli for a savoury-spicy complement to the frog’s natural sweetness.
四大天王 Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce
It consists of the Big 4 - Eggplant, French Beans, Long Beans, and Lady Finger, stir-fried with minced meat in sambal chilli sauce.
Finally here comes the Porridge!
I would first recommend this 干贝三色蛋粥 Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs!
Its Extremely Nice! It has a mix of 3 different types of eggs - Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg! Truly savoury! I hope I can bring some back for my family to try!
砂锅艇仔粥 Premium Dried Scallop Porridge
Using Pearl White Rice, together with the combination of flavours from the scallops, fresh slices of fish and cuttlefish infused into the porridge - making it a sweet, smooth gooey texture that melts in your mouth.
The porridge are all served in the claypot because claypot would help to preserve the heat of the porridge with the claypot itself.. It was said "After an hour's of waiting for someone to turn up.. the porridge which was served an hour ago.. was still warm and nice!"
 Each claypot can serve two bowls of porridge to the brim of the bowl.
So from here.. you can roughly estimate how much you want to order.

I would say A-One Claypot House has all kinds of porridge you would want. Like myself.. If I wanna have 皮蛋粥 there is the 干贝三色蛋粥 Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs for me. If I want the Frog Legs with plain rice I can order the 瓦煲宫保田鸡 Claypot Dried Chilli Frog Leg and go with a bowl of rice. And they have the delicious tasty 四大天王 Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce side dish to go along. Isn't that great? The quality of the food I would say.. is Excellent! It's worth what you're paying for!

For more information,
check out their website here.
As to date they have 9 Outlets now at the moment..
(subject to shifting of locations and changes)
Junction 8 #01-49 Singapore 579837
Tampines 1 #05-04 Singapore 529536
Chinatown Point #B1-47 Singapore 059413
Jurong Point (JP1) #03-09 Singapore 648886
Nex Shopping Centre #B1-73 Singapore 556083
The Sports Hub - 1 Stadium Place #01-33/34 Singapore 397628
The Seletar Mall - 33 Sengkang West Avenue #02-14/15/16 Singapore 797653
Causeway Point - #03-31 Woodlands Square Causeway Point  Singapore 738099 
 Bukit Panjang Mall (There may be relocation of this outlet)
If you are near any of these outlets..
Feel free to give it a try and pamper yourself! :)

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