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12 Golden Ducks 《12 金鸭》[Movie Review]

Following the phenomenal box office success of Golden Chickensss that grossed over HK$40millionsin its 2014 Chinese New Year release, Director Matt Chow and Actress-Producer Sandra Ng have teamed up once again to create another Hong Kong classic: 12 Golden Ducks

Combining elements of comedy, romance and action, 12 Golden Ducks is a comeback story about the misadventures of a group of gigolos (referred to in local vernacular as "ducks") trying to make their mark in Hong Kong. As with any profession, they have went through their share of setbacks. But their ability to find laughter within the tears reflects the drive, passion and the indomitable spirit of the Hong Kong people.

A group of middle-aged men are playing mahjong; it’s the St. Stephen Lutheran Middle School reunion party.

It’s the St Stephen Lutheran Middle school reunion party and a group of middle-aged men are playing mahjong, while watching a TV program whereby a group of women discuss their experiences of hiring gigolos. CHAN, a stockbroker, watches with disdain. The rest, however, know only too well that there’s no gender divide when it comes to selling oneself for money. They all service women in one way or another for a living, they include:

MR. LO a retired teacher turned singing coach who drives women into a frenzy with his Cantonese Opera singing;
ROCKY a fitness trainer who mesmerizes female students with his well-muscled physique;
JAMIE a pastry chef/instructor who is frequently molested by students during class;

They all "live off women’s money," something that is looked upon with disdain in Chinese culture!

As the others excitedly exchange stories about their experiences, Mr. Lo notices the absence of his star pupil, former school heartthrob, FUTURE. The group reminisces about Future, in awe of his skills at earning women’s money. Future is rumored to be traveling the globe. But Broker Chan and the class monitress who were both victims of a school prank by Future, reveal that Future is actually down-and-out. The former monitress shared that she bumped into Future at a Go-go Bar in Bangkok, and Future was so unkempt and out of shape that he turns off patrons.

Feeling sorry for Future, Mr. Lo flies to Thailand to track him down at the Go-go Bar. Hoping to help Future regain his former swagger and confidence, Mr Lo convinces Future to return to Hong Kong to start anew.

Returning to Hong Kong, Future works hard to regain his former good looks and killer physique with the help of his old classmate, Rocky, the fitness trainer. He eventually receives a call from Mr. Lo for a trial gig at Loy-Loy. Determined to reclaim his rightful place among the gigolo ranks, Future eagerly enters Loy-Loy only to discover that he has been sent to an old-age nursing home to entertain grannies….

Director : Matt Chow

Scriptwriters : Matt Chow

Cinematographer : Edmond Fung

Production Designer : Man Lim Chung

Costume Designer : Polly Chan

Cast : Sandra Ng, Anthony Wong, Louis Koo, Wilfred Lau, BabyJohn, Pakho

Chau, Simon Yam, Wyman Wong, Ivana Wong, Philip Keung

Guest starring : Joey Yung, Isabelle Leung, Michelle Chen, Chrissie Chau, Joyce Cheng, Fiona

Sit, Dada Chan, Nicholas Tse, Eason Chan, Lo Hoi Pang, Vicki Zhao, Luhan

Release Date : 19 FEB 2015

Movie Rating: 6/10

Basically its a just a show with many casts inside.. if you wanna see many artistes in a show, you can go for this. The jokes didn't really made me laugh.. It was not that funny enough I guess, I think it can be done better. But if you wanna see how Sandra Ng act as a guy in the show.. by all means you can catch this show.. She made her self with a pretty muscular body with 8-pacs.

Still remember Sandra Ng with her 38G fake breasts from her previous movie - Golden Chickensss?
Here in the New movie she transformed herself to a guy's chest with 8-pack abs.
This picture portrays a very sporting sight of her being versatile on different roles.
which is something I do admire!
Lai.. Strike a pose!

 Video of Sandra Ng’s Transformation into a Man!



Matt Chow is a Radio talk show host, author, actor, director and screenwriter. Brought in the business by famed director Joe Ma, Matt started his career as a lighting staff on set at TVB, and later joined ATV as a trainee screenwriter. Matt later tried his hand in film, first as a screenwriter, with works such as Too Many Ways To Be No. 1(1997), Bullets over Summer(1999), Golden Chicken(2002), Three: Going Home (2002), and Love Undercover 3(2006). As a seasoned actor, Matt is also in films such as Feel 100%(1996), Bullets over Summer(1999), Fat Choi Spirit(2002), Overheard(2009), Love in a Puff(2010), Overheard 2(2011), Vulgaria (2012) and SDU: Sex Duties Unit(2013).

Starting from 1997, Matt also went on directing his own films, such as L-O-V-E…..LOVE(1997), PR Girls(1998), United We Stand, And Swim(2001), Let’s Sing Along(2001), Itchy Heart(2004), The Attractive One(2004)and Golden Chickensss(2014).In addition to film, Matt is also a celebrated Radio talk show host, whose show "Talk of the Town" has one of the highest audience ratings in Hong Kong.


Sandra Ng is widely recognized as the most bankable actress in Hong Kong. She has earned the title of Hong Kong’s Highest Box Office Actress, accumulated more than HK$715million in Hong Kong as of 2005. Having starred in over 100 films, she is crowned the Queen of Comedy by many with her fame as the box office champ of Chinese New Year movies, including the 2009 highest grossing Hong Kong films All’s Well End’s Well 2009(2009), All’s Well End’s Well Too(2010),I Love Hong Kong(2011), Mr.& Mrs. Incredible (2011) and All’s Well End’s Well 2012(2012).Her films in the past 5 years have grossed overHK$700million in China alone. Her latest CNY movie Golden Chickensss(2014), received over HK$40millionin Hong Kong, is the No.1 grossing Hong Kong movie of first half of 2014.

Ng entered the show business during the golden period of the Hong Kong film industry in the 80s. Her hilarious, filthy persona has made her standout from other actresses and landed her countless comedic roles in movies such as The Greatest Lover(1988) with Chow Yun-Fat and All’s Well End Well(1992) with Stephen Chow and Maggie Cheung. But it wasn’t until her performance as a triad leader in Portland Street Blues(1998) that earned her recognition as a serious actress and won her the Best Actress award in the Hong Kong Film Awards. She continued to challenge herself in different roles such as a mob wife in Dante Lam’s Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone(2000), a Tango dancer wannabe in Andrew Lau’s Dance of a Dream(2001), a prostitute in Samson Chiu’s Golden Chicken (2002), in which she received her second Best Actress award in the Golden Horse Awards, a bisexual woman in Ann Hui’s All About Love (2010)that brought her another Best Actress trophy from Asian Film Festival of Rome and a humble housewife in Echoes of the Rainbow(2010), of which the film has won the Crystal Bear Award in Berlin Int’l Film Festival and earned Ng a Best Actress nomination in the Hong Kong Film Awards.


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