Friday, January 16, 2015


Its a film by Tsui Hark 徐克!


This movie has caught many by surprise, and received many outstanding reviews during it's first week of release in China! In addition to that, it will not only be released in China, Singapore but also USA!

Brief Synopsis:

Adapted from the famous Chinese novel "Tracks in the Snowy Forest" set during the civil war era of 1946, when ruthless bandits occupied Northeastern China and threatened the lives of civilians ...

there. The most powerful bandit of all was Mountain Eagle (Tony LEUNG Ka-fai), with an impenetrable fortress up in Tiger Mountain and armed with strong artillery. Unit 203 of the Liberation Army, led by SHAO (LIN Gengxin), was crossing the Northeastern region when they encountered Eagle's men raiding a village. SHAO decided to stay and fight against Eagle. Headquarters sent a skilled investigator YANG (ZHANG Hanyu), who infiltrated Eagle's gang as an undercover. The duo was soon engaged in a battle of wits with the cold-blooded Eagle, deep inside the snowy forest.

徐克导演年度动作巨片!颠覆传统 , 经典雪战, 勇斗猛虎, 壮阔场面,前所未见!


Directed by: TSUI Hark 徐克

Starring : Zhang Hanyu 张涵予, Lin Gengxin林更新, Tong Liya佟丽娅, Tony Leung Ka Fai梁家辉, Yu Nan余 男, Han Geng韩 庚

In Cinemas: 8th Jan 2015

Language: Chinese with English Subtitles

Genre: Action

Runtime: 140 mins

Rating: NC 16 | Violence

Movie Rating: 8/10

The poster may seem abit like those old movie poster or some movie trying to be arty farty.. but its really a very good show. Its a massive production by Tsui Hark.. And I felt my ticket is really worth while if I paid $12.50 for it! The actors and actresses acted very well in the show.. especially the lead actor Zhang Hanyu 张涵予 and female actress Tong Liya 佟丽娅. And one thing I MUST MENTION is that I only came to know that the Mountain Eagle was actually Tony Leung Ka Fai 梁家辉.. He was so well-disguised into an old chap who was the most powerful bandit of all!


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