Monday, January 5, 2015

Bring Back the Dead 招魂 [Movie Review]
Its coming to our cinemas soon!

By looking at the trailer.. some said its already pretty scary!
I think its one of the best local horror movie ever... if you have not watch.. DON'T WATCH IT ALONE!

I've watched it last Tuesday.. with many bloggers and friends.
I would say it was good.. it scared me a few times.. so was my female partner who was even more scared! Grrr...~!

At the Gala Premiere.. I got to see popular stars like Jesseca Liu 刘子绚 and Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲.
At the left most.. he is LEE THEAN-JEEN the director of the movie.
And the guy in the centre, Jacko Chiang 蒋伟文 is the actor who played as Jesseca's husband in the movie.
Jesseca was very pretty and tall when i saw her there.. truly a beauty of local female artistes.

So here's my friend, Shan-elle Cheng who's also very pretty accompanied me for the movie.. and she's so scared that she asked me to see the ghost for her. hahaha... It is the look into the mirror scene.. i shall not elablorate more.. you watch it yourself! ha.. :)

Some pictures from the BRING BACK THE DEAD 《招魂》 Spore Press Conference

Directed by 導演: Thean-jeen 李天仁

Casts 演員:
Jesseca Liu 劉子絢 as Jia En
Jacko Chiang 蔣偉文 as De Wei
Liu Ling Ling 劉玲玲 as Mdm Seetoh
Shawn Tan 陳凱軒 as Xiao Le
Yang Tian Fu 楊添福 as Master Chen
Jennifer Ebron as Nora
Xue Ting as Anna
Timothy Law 劉顯輝 as Tam
Junior Tan 陳志豪 as Tong
Eelyn Kok郭蕙雯 as Wen Qian
Shannen Tan 陳萱恩 as Young Jia En

Movie Rating: 8/10
Scare Level: 7.5/10

CATCH THE SHOW ON 08.01.2015!
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