Tuesday, October 28, 2014

IKEA Wok Stainless Steel?

I bought an IKEA wok some time back.
 Here it states Stainless Steel.
But it still rust?

Monday, October 27, 2014

E.T.A. Dog Food Tasting Event @ Paw Pet-radise on 11Oct2014!

Attended a dog food tasting event last last last Saturday..

@ Paw Pet-radise Café

It was proudly organised by Clubpets Magazine and E.T.A Eagle Territorial Agency!
As you can see.. here are many different types of dog food
ranging from indian style to western style..
All are made with the goodness of Oven-baked Tradition dog food.

This seem to have some curry in it.. that's why I said Indian style..
looks very appetizing.. even myself also feel like eating it.

Its actually called Pumpkin Curry.
And the ingredients are as stated in the picture above.
Oven-Baked Tradition Adult Lamb, Mutton, Tumeric, Pumpkin, Celery, etc..

Wow.. here we have PIZZA!
Its really amazing to see dogs having their very own pizza.
Usually we humans would have our own pizza.. and jus give them a small bite-size of it.
This is jus one whole piece for themselves.

So.. its actually made from fish.. Oven-Baked Tradition Adult Fish.
the other ingredients are as stated in the picture above.
I wonder how would it tastes like.. nah.. I wouldn't try la!!

Okies.. now very much the western style.. Burger and Fries!
Really Cool! Dunch you think so..!?

And these are the ingredients for the Burger n Fries dish. ha.. :)
Its actually made from the Oven-Baked Tradition Grain Free Chicken!

This one.. Fine Dining!
Even a dog meets another dog.. I mean dating.. they also want some fine dining~!
But I think they don't care la.. Just eat!

Its called Fillet & Summer Veg.. made from Oven-Baked Tradition Grain Free Fish!
I'm quite amazed to see Asparagus in the menu. I thought usually humans have it.. esp. in their fine-dining dish.. they have taken the dog food delicacy to another level.

when I showed this to my sister-in-laws.. I guessed their reply was like Wow..
I guess likewise for you.

So this is made from Oven-Baked Tradition Senior! And its called Breakfast Parfait.
Its actually like a dessert or it is a dessert.. as you can see from the menu. Greek yoghurt, Blueberries & Strawberries. Theres Salmon in it too! Cool!

These are samples of how it looks like from the big pack of Oven-baked Tradition.
As you can see.. the left side is the small-bite size which is suitable for small dogs and the right one is the normal kibble size.

Here we were introduced to the event by the guy in red shirt.. who was very entertaining and has a very loud n clear voice.

And later we were introduced to the Oven-baked Tradition dog food by this guy holding a banner.
It was informative and I learnt quite a bit though I was distracted by my dog at times. :P Nevertheless, I believe everyone have a better knowledge of the Oven-baked Tradition dog food after that. :)

After all the talking and introduction.. It's time for the dog to eat!
While I took care of the dogs at the couch.. my dear partner, Dawn Lee went to take the food for our dogs. So nice of her.. Right~!? haha.. :P
She took the Burger & Fries and Pizza which is called the Egg Casserole.

Tracce had this Burger and Fries.. while her dog, Water had the Egg Casserole (Pizza).
My dog actually can't wait to eat.. though she's blind.. but she smells the food there already and ready to go for it.. But she always like to smell abit, eat abit, taste abit before she really know its edible and Go For It!

"Urmm... it tastes not bad~!"

"I will go for it!"

This dog here is also enjoying his/her food.. waiting obediently for the owner to feed him/her.
(Sorry.. dunno the gender of the dog. ha..)
I would love to have this kind of dog in future.. like Golden Retriever.
When I asked the owner, he said this dog is a mixed of something and something.. I can't remember. :P

Here let's..have a family photo~! Wahaha.. jus joking!
With my pretty friend, Dawn Lee here with her dog Water. (Interesting name!)

Here.. another pic of ourselves with the dogs..
someone said my dog is looking at the pretty Dawn. ha..
and you see.. Water can't be bothered.

Just a random photo of the Huge Husky sitting on the chair.. not bad still can fit~! :)

It's a beautiful day with Dawn and our doggies~!

Dawn and I actually won a Dog Shampoo by answering some simple questions.
I was very lucky to have won it because when I said the answer "Oil" another person also said. Hence the Emcee restart asking the question and see who answer first. I was more spontaneous, loud and clear enough.. so I won it. :P
Its a Softening Shampoo from Apt. 1022 - Green Pet Care.
Very good that it has a tap to press and a hand glove is provided.. I guess to scrub your dog? If not its just to protect your hand.

These were the goodies provided at the event. :)

Thanks to Eagle Territorial Agency (E.T.A) for holding this event. It was a success!
Thanks to Paw Pet-radise Café for the great venue!

Dear readers,
You can check out Oven-Baked Tradition dog food and Paw Pet-radise Café at the details here:

Oven-Baked Tradition
Website: www.ovenbakedtradition.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OvenBakedTradition

Paw Pet-radise Cafe
 Facebook: www.facebook.com/pawpetradisecafe
Location: 530 Balestier Monville Mansion, Singapore, 329857

"Flavours of the World" Gourmet Bazaar @ Plaza Singapura | 22 Oct - 2 Nov

Come on down to Plaza Singapura (22 October to 2 November 2014) and celebrate Plaza Singapura's 40th anniversary with inaugural epicurean event “Flavours of the World”. 
 Organised in partnership with Cold Storage, "Flavours of the World" will be at the mall’s Main Atrium Level 1.
 Shoppers will be presented with an array of international gourmet delights. “Flavours of the World” will feature an oyster bar, exquisite meat carving stations, an extensive selection of beers, ciders and wines, as well as the exclusive launches of new-to-market food and beverage (F&B) brands and products.
Indulge in freshly shucked oysters, Wagyu beef and gourmet sausages.
tasting of the wines, champagnes and ciders.. before you make your selection.
There are also live jazz performances and interactive games during the event.
Wine connoisseurs can look forward to sampling new and exclusive labels such as Terra Vega from the award-winning Chilean wine producer Luis Felipe Edwards, while beer lovers can anticipate the arrival of the limited edition and highly sought-after Rekorderlig Winter Brew, which is making its first appearance in Singapore at the event.
"Plaza Singapura would not have been able to chart 40 years of success without the support of our loyal tenants and shoppers," said Ms Melissa Ang, General Manager, Plaza Singapura. “It is thus meaningful for us to celebrate this milestone by partnering with Cold Storage, to jointly delight our shoppers with our inaugural epicurean event that brings together unique flavours from around the world.”

 “This is the first time Cold Storage is organising a live gourmet event of such a scale in a shopping mall,” said Cold Storage CEO, Mr Wayne Allan Anderson. “This marks our commitment in maintaining strong relations with Plaza Singapura, as we celebrate its 40th anniversary together.”
 Two models would be at the bar to attend to you..
The exclusive Hoegaarden Rosée, an original raspberry-flavoured Hoegaarden white beer, will be available on tap. So have a try of it!
There will also be a personalised wine labeling service for shoppers to customise their purchased wine bottles. Just like the one in my later pictures. :)
This is like where you shop in the supermarket.
The bottles are all arranged neatly and easy to find.
I had a taste of some of the ciders here...
Here.. wad i'm trying is this Strawberry-Lime Cider.
which is pretty nice.. and I quite like it.
just to pamper myself and not to go back empty-handed. I bought this.
as well as another one which is called "Wild Berries"
I grabbed two because getting two of these would jus be about $12. A few dollars cheaper than the usual $14-$15 if you get two.
I personally find that this wine is very nice. A little strong taste in it but its nice,
You can try this when you're there. And probably leave a comment here in this blogpost if you want. :)

Biscuits with some flavouring to try.. something new for me.
I had a try of it .. Its good when you just wanna have some snack! :)
Here.. I got myself two ciders as mentioned earlier.
"Strawberry-Lime" and "Wild Berries"
Both are from brand REKORDERLIG.
Attending this event.. I was given these as a gift from the sponsor.. so nice of them!
And my family love the Buffalo Blue Cheese.. I've yet to try the Babyback Ribs, but I believe it would be nice! Check them out and feel free to comment here. :)
these are the two ciders I bought. :)
attending this event.. the organiser also customised a wine with my name labelled on it.
You can customised your wine label for those wines you purchased over there too.. like a gift for someone.
Here's a picture of myself after attending the event as a media blogger.
Hope you like this post and do head down to Plaza Singapura to check out the Great Offers they have for you at the "Flavours of the World" Gourmet Bazaar!

Only from Now till 2nd Nov 2014!
Plaza Singapura, Level 1 Main Atrium.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heineken Green Room: The Transporter @ Infinite Studios | 17Oct2014

The Transporter - a launch pad inspired by a journey into the future, catapulting fans into new frontiers of electronic dance music.

For the first time, Heineken Green Room will explore the future of music innovation and invite fans to co-create music for the night, allowing them to contribute a unique voice note at ‘The Transporter’, to be infused into the DJ’s set.

This year’s edition will also see the debut of Heineken’s latest innovation, Heineken igNITE – bottles that light up in sync with the music, lending a whole new dimension to the party and changing the way we interact with elements around us.
And it's Happening!!
Myself and the lady who will party with me tonight! :)
My best buddy who was there with me! ;)
And here I am with the babe..
some acrobatic dance in the air.. am I right to say 'acrobatic'? haha..
a very nice photo with Priscilla with natural light that just came at the right time!
No filter!
This should be something that suits the theme.. Green Room..
Heineken Green Room! :)

Not forgetting a photo with my bros.. Jackie & Julien (below) whom I invited for this event!
Both of them are my secondary classmates!
and here myself flanked by two Korean girls in Green LED lightings..
Cool and futuristic!
Here's a photo of right one without smooching her lips. ;)
created a Halloween of my own at the event! Lol.
I think u might think this a different side of me. haha..
Now.. another side! :)
Jus a random photo here~! :)
Not bad.. with a purple-lish lighting!
Thanks Heineken SG for the warm generous invite for me and my friends!
We had a great time together and its a good way to bond with friends and know more people!
Though the place was abit hard to find initially.. but I was still excited about the place by its name already. Infinite Studios - Mediapolis@One-North! A new place for the event and I wondered how the place would be like.. indeed it was good! :)
 These are the cards I have for that day!
What's the other side?
 Memories that Heineken brought to me and my friends!