Wednesday, December 10, 2014

O.T. Ghost Overtime [Movie Review]

O.T. Ghost Overtime continues the story from film O.T. in the omnibus 3AM.

After being spooked by the ghosts in their office, Karan (Shahkrit Yamnarm) and Tee (Ray Macdonald) have made it out alive, though they now suffered hallucination and paranoia. They can’t use the elevator, and they have to constantly checking if the person standing next to them is actually a human and not a ghost. But still, the two bosses still play ghost-pranks on their employees. This time, they’re joined by a new partner Badin (Ananda Everingham). They tease and spook ...the staff who stay late in the evening to claim overtime. But things always get spookier late at night in this unusual company.

This time, together they will have to rescue the company from a critical condition while experience unexpected events in their own office. Their staff who loves working overtime will be part of this misadventure.

Directed by: Issara Nadee

Starring :

• Ray Macdonald as Tee
• Ananda Everingham as Badin
• Shahkrit Yamnarm as Karan
• Akarat Nimitchai as An
• Pimpawee Kograbin as Tan
• Nalintip Phoemphattharasakun as Mam
• Suttasitt Pottasak as Hart
• Sukhapat Lohwacharin as Neung
• Atthaphan Phusawat as O
• Petei Hokri as Russ
• Milan Ketsuwan as Neus
• Kanyarin Nithinapparath as Nging
In Cinemas: 11th Dec 2014
Language: Thai with English subtitles only
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 103 mins
Sneak Peak!



I would say its quite an interesting movie with a lot of pranks...
sometimes I don't know which is real and which is not. can be a little confusing at times..
but its pretty entertaining.
One of the thing that caught my attention before the movie preview was that I saw its starring the actor from Shutter, Ananda Everingham. If you're a fan of SHUTTER.. perhaps you would also be interested to see him again in this show.
the ghosts aren't really scary.. that is based on my own level of scariness.
So gurls... can watch la! don't be so scared ok!?
Movie rating: 6.5/10

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