Friday, December 12, 2014

Marugoto Shokudou Food Tasting @ Broadway Plaza, Ang Mo Kio Central!

 The Best Japanese Dining Experience I Had So Far..!!
Noticed a cat there?
Its their resident cat.. named Maru Chan.
Here for a start.. we were offered sake for our drinks.
nice and simple utensils..
First dish.. which is the Appetizer - Ankimo (Monkfish Live) Shisamo
This is very nice... especially tasted with the chilli and green toppings at the side. It really does open up my appetite and get myself ready for the main courses.
 Salmon Avacado Salad
- Assorted Sashimi (kanpachi ,toro, salmon, belly, uni ushi)
after adding the sauce..

after stirring it.. it tasted really nice! Awww.. I've craving for it Now!!

Guess what is this?

Its Mushimono - Tokusen Chawanmushi
Chawanmushi with Foie Gras.

Its the MOST special Chawanmushi I've tried so far!
You should try this when you're there!
 this was the MOST special dish that night!
It was not stated in our 6-course dinner.. but its on our table!
It has different types of fish on board.. and they are considered the BEST!
The salmon was abit thick.. but its the BEST part of the salmon that you're eating!

Later.. this fish was taken out and put to fry, and serve us on the table as shown below!

It was very crispy and nice to chew..
they always called it "saw saw" in hokkien. :)

and here is the wasabi..
if its NOT hot enough you can add the red leaves at the side to your dishes.. it will make it Hotter!

its really a knowledge to know how to eat Japanese food.. and I learnt quite a few things from this dinner. Above here was taken from the ship (u can refer to the earlier pictures), u need to slap the plant to make it easier for you to remove the leaves n flowers from the branches to the soya sauce.

here I got myself these for a start..
But of course I DON'T eat the flower la!
Its just for photo enhancement. ha..
This is the Mentaiko Snow Crab.. Very tasty! ;)

And this is Tori Katsu.. very nice, not oily n not gelate! :)

Main course - Teppan Wafu Steak
It comes in a set actually.. with the fried rice, miso soup and water melon. :)

- Shirago Osui (Cod Fish Sperm)
the white colour twirl up thing is the cod fish sperm.
Dessert - Matcha Tiramisu
This was fantastic!
I love it!
Here's a picture of the place.. very clean and neat.
I believe it would be a very good place to have lunch or dinner away from the bustling streets of Singapore.

Entrance with a food menu for you to browse before you decide what to eat or if it suits your appetite or budget. But price there is definitely reasonable. As compared to the same thing you get in town area like Orchard Road.. here is MUCH cheaper and affordable. I've tasted the dishes.. trust me the quality is as Good!

I definitely had a very good dinner here at Marugoto Shokudou!
So is my friend.. Celestine who accompanied me for the dinner.
She enjoyed the dinner as much as I do.. and for me as I've mentioned earlier.. Its the BEST JAPANESE DINNER I had so far.. So you better try it!
Especially those staying around Ang Mo Kio area.. you should give it a try!
Authentic things like Cod Fish Sperm, Foie Gras in Chawamushi can try if you have not.
As you can see from this very clear map..
Marugoto Shokudou is just located opposite Ang Mo Kio's Garden Mac.
Its at Broadway Plaza. Just opposite the McDonald's
 Ang Mo Kio Park.

And Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (NS16) is pretty near.. about 5-10 mins walkable distance.
If ya not sure how to walk through the buildings inside.. just cut through from Popeyes and walk in you will reach Marugoto Shokudou already.

Operating Hours: 1130hrs – 2230hrs
Last order at 2200hrs (Mondays: Closed during lunch)

Address: 4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, Broadway Plaza, #01-07, 569841
Contact: 6451 2822

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