Sunday, December 28, 2014

Driven The All-New Toyota RAV 4! [Car Review]

Having driven this Toyota RAV4.. its definitely one should give it a try if you have not!
Even for a test-drive at the showroom.
Its superbly quiet.. steady and gives you the power you need when you NEED IT! Truly Awesome!
Let me bring you thru' the number of gadgets and functions this car can provide you.

But let me first describe to you my feeling when first I got the car...
From afar I saw the seductive red car parked there with the front LED lights on.
I was like.. "Wow.. Really nice!"
Collected the car at my office and took a few shots of it.
The front looks very sleek as compared to its predecessor. Definitely a reform of its entire look. Well done!
And this is how the back looks like.. Its pretty simple.. without much fascinating design.
But I would rather have a simple design than a complicated one. ha..

- - -

Let's take a look how does its predecessors look like...

Previously.. it has the spare tyre attached to the back door.

This is an even older version of the RAV4..

See how it has transformed to..

Unveiling the new Toyota RAV4!

At the straight front view.. its looks pretty Fierce.. as commented by eldest brother. And I agree!
I truly like the way the front was designed. Sleek, fierce and modern.. and with the LED lights on at the side of the nose.. its truly AWESOME!
The central console is pretty simple and neat.. with the carbon-fibre-like material.. its makes the car even sportier. Has a cup holder at the front and the compartment behind the gear is just right for me to put my wallet. Bcos I don like to sit on my wallet.. hence having that compartment is important. U can even put in a card holder and the space is just right.
The dashboard.. I would say is cool.. simple and neat!
Not too many buttons to confuse you..
The 6.1 inch touchscreen display allows u to stay connected and easy selection with just a few touches.
It also displays the rear view from the car when you are reversing the car. You would need that when you're probably parking at a very tight parallel parking lot. :P
Most of the time I'm driving this car.. its raining.. or drizzling.. Well. cool weather. :)
Size of the side mirror is just right.. enough to see the entire back of the car. And of course it can be kept with just a touch of a button. Slight chrome-like furnishing at the door and the rounded air-con vents added more sportiness to the car.
And at the side door "arm rest".. it displays a carbon-fibre-like material which made it look even sportier.
This is how the steering wheel looks like with sewn details at the centre and sides. Three-spoked steering wheel is something i do prefer as compared to four-spoke so that you wouldn't have so many holes within the steering wheel while turning the wheels.

Audio controls can be found at the side of the steering wheel also.. for your convenience of adjusting the audio volume, changing radio stations and even mute the radio/music while someone or yourself is making a call.

Paddle gear shift can be found behind the steering wheel.. with the Plus (+) on the right and Minus (-) on the left to shift-up and shift-down the gear respectively. This only comes into play when you set the gearbox at the central console to manual mode (M).
Left side steering stick control to control the screen wipers.
You can control the speed of the front wipers as well... for example how long you want the wipers to wipe again... It has a wiper for the rear window as well.. usually hatchback cars will come with this as the rain water runs down the vertical window panel it will cause visibility to the rear to be very poor. Hence a rear wiper is a need for hatchback cars.
Right side steering stick control controls the exterior lightings of the car.
It includes an anti-fog lamp which is good when you are travelling at a very dark place..
DOWNHILL ASSIST CONTROL - allows the car to have a better grip on the ground so that the car would be stable.
TRACTION CONTROL - will prevent the car from skidding when the road is wet and have a smoother acceleration that prevents the wheel from spinning.
FRONT BEAM HEIGHT - you can adjust the height of the front beam by adjusting the numbers.
POWER MIRROR - it allows you to adjust the mirror from inside the car and also has a button to keep the side mirrors so that others would not knock onto your mirrors and cause unnecessary damage.
These two buttons are located at the left side of the steering wheel.
The left button disables the 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) system.
The right button as you can see.. it's to open the boot. And it exhibits the power lift gate system which allows loading and unloading easier. :)

the trunk space is pretty huge... with a netting for you to put some stuffs.
Spare tyre is right below the carpet.
As you can see.. the boot space is pretty deep in..
backseats can be folded down to create more space for the boot if needed.

This is an overall front interior of the car..
Front seats leg room is pretty spacious.
Though I may not be very tall.. but usually i would like to stretch my legs abit further away from the pedals, hence using more leg room for more comfortability.

As you can see I've used much of or the normal leg room in front, the backseat leg room is still pretty spacious. :)


Now let's take a look at how the car will look like at night!

It looks pretty awesome too!
I personally like the LED lights at the front. Its made the car more special in its way.. and will catch one's attention in a certain way. When the engine is started.. the LED lights will be on already.. without having to turn on the front lights. Which i think its pretty cool~! :)

the dashboard definitely look stunning and pleasing at night..
the simplicity of the it allows you to feel relaxed in a certain way..
listening to a soothing music at night.. in this car.. would definitely help you to unwind.

Speedometer... wad else can I say? Isn't it sporty!?
It has a small screen at the center that displays all the information that u will need to know about the car clearly. Example.. distance travelled etc.

And this is amazing.. the rear mirror will auto-adjust the mirror itself so that the lights shining from the cars behind would not be so glaring to the driver's eyes. Isn't that cool!?
An array of lights showing the necessary information about the car.
The left side shows passenger seats are vacant and seat belts are not fastened. But when somebody actually sat on the either one of the back seat behind.. it will detect that someone sitting on it and if that person did NOT put on the safety belt after some time, the alarm would sound. Its actually quite cool! haha.. Becos my dad sat on the back seat and he DIDN'T put on the seat belt.. and the alarm sounded with the fasten safety belt sign in front flashing! haha.. :P

the car can be switched to the SPORT mode..

or the ECO Mode.
- -
just normal mode.
which means w/o Eco or Sport mode.

with just a press of the button below the center dashboard..
you can switch around the Eco Mode and the Sport mode.

I've tried both functions.
The ECO mode feels as though something is pulling the car.. but its still pretty normal and not very slow.

Here's a summary of the comparison between the two modes.

ECO Mode- Gas pedal less responsive--helps prevent jack rabbit starts and unnecessarily quick acceleration when resuming cruise control
- Softer shifts
- Transmission shifts into higher gears sooner to maintain lower engine RPM
- Reduces air conditioner compressor draw on electrical system

Sport Mode
- Essentially the opposite of ECO Mode
- Transmission holds gears longer to keep engine at higher RPMs
- Firmer shifts
- Gas pedal very responsive to actuation

Last but not least.. just to highlight this...
Some people might like to have an armrest to rest your arm..
The RAV4 has the armrest that can be adjusted forward to provide more support to your arms.

Driving the RAV4 is definitely a rewarding experience for me..
It gives me the power I need when I'm rushing from one place to another.. just by switching it to the Sport mode. Its superbly powerful and responsive. I like the way it delivers its power!
Eco mode would effectively help to reduce the fuel consumption.. which is essential to me for normal driving, especially in Singapore where the petrol cost is pretty expensive.

I like the simplicity that the car gives.. with the simple dashboard design that you've seen earlier.

There are so many functions that I wanted to share with you guys about this car... and initially I wondered if I can feature them all in this blogpost. Nevertheless... I'm a car enthusias... hence I'm excited to share what this car can provide you. Toyota has always been a reliable car in this industry. And no doubt for its clean records, it has earned my trust in them and feeling solid for everything. One thing I like about Toyota cars is that the engine is VERY smooth... gear changes like you never knew it has changed. Toyota is always getting better.. always better!
 Its definitely a SUV I would consider buying!

Feel free to visit the Toyota Showroom at
33 Leng Kee Road, Singapore 159102

To see the car personally and have a test drive of it!
For more information, specification and price,