Monday, December 1, 2014

Dolby Atmos Sound Experience at the Cathay Cineplex JEM!

Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos®. It transports you into the movie with breathtaking, multidimensional sound that fills the theatre and flows all around you to move your mind, body and soul.

What is Dolby Atmos?
Dolby Atmos is the latest innovation in movie theatre sound. It delivers a powerful and dramatic new listening 
experience with more natural, realistic sound that truly envelops the audience. With Cathay Digital Xtreme, you
can now experience one of the largest Dolby Atmos installations in Singapore.
What are Dolby Atmos Benefits?
  • Delivers a powerful and dramatic new cinema-sound listening experience
  • Allows sounds to move around the theatre to create dynamic effects
  • Reproduces a natural and lifelike audio experience that perfectly matches the story
  • Adds overhead speakers for the most realistic effects you’ve ever heard
  • Reflects the artist’s original intent, regardless of theatre setup
  • Employs up to 64 channels (versus 7 channels in a regular theatre) to heighten the realism and impact of every scene
That day I was invited to experience this revolutionized sound of the Dolby Atmos by watching the movie, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay!
It would be better to show it off by watching a more action-packed movie like Transformer!
 Because seriously, The Mocking Jay Part 1 is really boring! A lot of conversations in the movie.
But I've trust in Dolby Atmos that it will deliver true sound to your ears.. At certain part of the show, I can feel the sound surrounds me as though I'm at the place in the movie itself.
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Thanks The Influencer Network for the invitation!