Tuesday, December 30, 2014


COUNTING DOWN: To Asia's Largest Beach Countdown Party - Siloso Beach Party 2014.

Are you excited ? (:

With one Siloso Beach Party (SBP) ticket, you get access to FIVE distinct party zones, a foam pool and a 1.2 kilometre stretch of sandy dance fl oor. Make new friends as you enjoy a delicious variety of food and drinks across four beach bars and other F&B booths.

As a new era unfolds, gear up for fun and excitement till the break of dawn. Whether you are a self-professed party animal or a casual party-goer, Siloso Beach Party has something for any party personality.


Its definitely gonna ba a FUN NIGHT!


6pm – 8pm

Get started at Azzura, one of the -ve party zones at SBP. All-night
drink promotions will ensure that you won’t go thirsty as you dance
the night away.

 8pm – 10pm

Onward to Wave House Sentosa, where you can take on a roaring,
ten foot wave. After that, head down to the Main Arena where DJ Funky T
takes to the Main Stage and DJ Jenni-F spins by the Pool Side to keep
the party going.

10pm – 12mn

The party continues as it gets closer to midnight and the dawn of a new year.
Head to the Main Arena - the best spot to catch -reworks. Or visit the other
party zones to broaden your musical horizons.

12mn – 6am

Marvel at the amazing display of -reworks as the clock strikes twelve.
The party continues until 6am at each party zone so revel in the atmosphere
as you celebrate the dawning of a new era.


6pm – 9pm

Start your night with a scrumptious dinner. Tantalise your taste
buds with a three-course dinner at Wave House Sentosa.

9pm – 10pm

Make your way down to Coastes, where the sunbeds and deck chairs
sink into soft sand at the water’s edge. Lie back and enjoy the cool
breeze as DJ Dirty Fingers plays his set at the Bikini Bar.

10pm – 12mn

At midnight, -reworks will streak across the sky in a visual cacophony
of colours. Spend the rest of the night at each party zone and celebrate
the beginning of something new. Supper awaits at Coastes,
Wave House, Azzura and Mambo for the hungry ones.

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