Thursday, November 6, 2014

Had a good massage at Le Spa (Bukit Timah) on a Saturday!

It was so good to wake up and go for a relaxing massage after a bit of hangover from previous night's drinking at the Heineken Green Room event!
Here I am at the Le Spa .. Bukit Timah outlet.
So good it is 24 HOURS!
a sitting area.. where perhaps you can sit down while waiting for your turn if you're early? :)
The Reception.
 Well decorated passageway to your massage room.
I had a 1 hr body massage. It was pretty good!
Masseurs are very polite and I would say their service was really good! Thumbs up! :)
Took a picture with the interesting wall at the entrance before leave..
The wall are all filled with Chinese painting drawings..
a closer look at a small portion of the wall.
Perhaps I should wear my Emperor's gown to this Massage Palace!
This Bukit Timah outlet is located at
16A Chun Tin Road (Upp Bukit Timah Rd)
Singapore 599603 
 Tel.: 6222 6805
Another outlet is at Chinatown.
14 Gemmill Lane (Club Street)
Singapore 069253
Tel.: 6222 6803
There's an Opening Promotion for 45 mins Body Massage at $38 Only! Grab it!
Here are their rates.. with the $38 for First-trial of the 45 mins Body Massage!
Visit their website to get the latest info at
 Or simply call them to find out more! ;)
Instagram: #LeSpaSG