Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fangtastic Halloween Night at the Singapore Turf Club | By Invitation

Was invited by Singapore Turf Club to attend their 'Fangtastic Halloween' night on 31st Oct 2014
- - -
Shall show your some of the decorations there.. before I show you some of the Fangtastic Food!
Nice sofa with the wrap of the spooky spider web..
and ya.. this is the spider who made the web on the sofa..
(by the way noticed the hand behind? that hand was actually on a table behind)
Ooo.. whose liver is this?
Aiyo... who cut the limbs already never keep properly under the table?
I think One of the hands here belongs to William's
(See later picture)
cos.. I severed it for him.. :P
So now he's left with jus one hand...
and still smiling happily. :)
Ah.. this one at least keep properly in a container. I like to be neat! :)
Spotted a baby spider crawling on the table.
but it seemed abit lost.
"Keep Calm and Be Scary!"
Check out more photos on Instagram #PartyatSTC
- - -
Here comes the food!
This is called 'Dirty Rice'
There's rice in the cute pumpkin! :)
'Halloween Mummy Dogs'
 'Goulish "Boo" Stew'
There are stew meat inside.
 'Wicked Witches Eyeballs on Munich Seafood'
 'Mini Dessert Pot'
 'Cranberry Cheesecakes'
 Finger good...
The green one is the 'Wild Mara Strawberry Éclair topped with Chopped Pistachio"
 There were some other nice and good-looking food.. but I only wanna emphasize on this.. the 'Coffin Bread!' haha.. Looks really cute and idea. Below theres a spider on the bread and egg.. pretty cute too! :)

 These were the food I took that day. :) 
- - -
Here my last thing to show you about this event is people..
people that I had fun with and took photos with at this wonderful event!
First of all.. a photo with the lovely Dawn..
whois very mischievious on facebook with me. lol.
Second with the cutest girl I met so far.. Vivian.
Third, a group photo with everyone! haha.
Hp looked pretty scary in this..
I'm abit scared looking at this.
Jus joking la. :P
I heard Vivian was entangled in the cobweb...

So I came to rescue my dear..
- - -
After that all of us went down to the turf itself to witness the BiG RaCe!
A photo together with the uncles behind.. ha..
William, Dawn & I actually bought $5 each for Horse No. 8 Place.
which means if Horse 8 came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.. we will win! :)
And guess what?
Horse No. 8 came in FIRST!
I do felt myself pretty lucky.. with Dawn. Or is she lucky with me!?
haha.. whichever is fine! :)
Thanks Singapore Turf Club and Hp for the invitation!
It was a Fun-filled event in a private room with everything decorated VERY WELL for the theme!
I would say Great Effort put in it. It was my First time attending a Halloween Party too!
Good experience and I will come next year again with more hype and wild if there is! :)
Watch your back.. there may be someone behind you right now!

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