Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DEAREST 亲爱的 | Movie Review


Its a True Story!

A movie about abducted kids!



Something that would let us have a feel of a parent who has lost their kid.. but not knowing they are still alive or dead.

Its a very disturbing feeling that one would not want to have.. and its very hard to get rid of..

.. until you found your kid.

- - -

Having watch the show.. I felt that those who abducted the kids should be punished severely.

Its a very nice movie which gave us a very good insight to the life experiences of others who were not so fortunate and realised ourselves very fortunate living in Singapore.
But.. we cannot take things for granted.

Anything.. can happen.. anytime, anywhere.

Directed by Peter Chan, starring Zhao Wei, DEAREST 《亲爱的》 is based on a true story, designed to tug firmly on the heartstrings. The story tells a divorced couple who suffers through the abduction of their only child, Peng.Three devastating years later, the couple are reunited with Peng. However, now six years old, Peng has been happily living on a farm in rural Southern China with a younger sister and foster mother.
He does not recognize his biological parents....


IN CINEMAS 20.11.2014

Golden Village Pictures


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