Monday, October 6, 2014


What comes to your mind when u think of Trick Eye Museum?
Yes.. something that tricks your eyes.
Its that simple.. People with creative ideas made our life so much FUN and you could never imagine things that you would not be able to do became possible and so REAL!
Here are some of the photos taken that day at the Trick Eye Museum!
Thanks to The Influencer Network & Trick Eye Museum!

Enjoy the Funny photos!
You may see a different side of ME! :)
Relaxing myself at the bank of the river.. with the breezy wind blowing across..

And now it rains... "Why didn't lend me your umbrella earlier?"

"Hey~! I'm good at this ok!"
With my best buddy of life.. William Tan .. Brother Love!
(Don't get the wrong idea!)

Ahh... here's a much more normal photo with Carine, a cute girl whom I know from blogger event last year! :)

"Why am I in a cage?"

"Please Pull Me Up!"
"Sorry that I grabbed the wrong part!"

Over here.. I'm trying out something different to make it more interesting!
I think this guy needs a dig in the nose and I helped him! :P
At the side of each item.. there will be an illustration of how you can pose to get the best effect in your photo! Like the one above. :)

At the event... there are Instagram contests for the Most Popular Photo and the Best Pose Photo!

And there.. the Most Popular Photo goes to Sabrina with the most number of Likes for her photo at the event!
 Here's her photo! :)
And Celine who's my friend won the Best Pose Photo with her cousin I supposed! :)
Congrats to her~!
And this is her photo!
I personally agree that this is a nice photo of both of them! Nice pose and expressions! :)

These are the number of bloggers who attended the event that day!
A lot right?
Good job to The Influencer Network for having this Fun-filled event for everyone!
And also not forgetting to Thank Trick Eye Museum for giving us a chance to explore and have fun in Trick Eye Museum!

Thank you Trick Eye Museum & The Influencer Network!

To find our more about Trick Eye Museum Singapore
 And their Facebook page at

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