Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heineken Green Room: The Transporter @ Infinite Studios | 17Oct2014

The Transporter - a launch pad inspired by a journey into the future, catapulting fans into new frontiers of electronic dance music.

For the first time, Heineken Green Room will explore the future of music innovation and invite fans to co-create music for the night, allowing them to contribute a unique voice note at ‘The Transporter’, to be infused into the DJ’s set.

This year’s edition will also see the debut of Heineken’s latest innovation, Heineken igNITE – bottles that light up in sync with the music, lending a whole new dimension to the party and changing the way we interact with elements around us.
And it's Happening!!
Myself and the lady who will party with me tonight! :)
My best buddy who was there with me! ;)
And here I am with the babe..
some acrobatic dance in the air.. am I right to say 'acrobatic'? haha..
a very nice photo with Priscilla with natural light that just came at the right time!
No filter!
This should be something that suits the theme.. Green Room..
Heineken Green Room! :)

Not forgetting a photo with my bros.. Jackie & Julien (below) whom I invited for this event!
Both of them are my secondary classmates!
and here myself flanked by two Korean girls in Green LED lightings..
Cool and futuristic!
Here's a photo of right one without smooching her lips. ;)
created a Halloween of my own at the event! Lol.
I think u might think this a different side of me. haha..
Now.. another side! :)
Jus a random photo here~! :)
Not bad.. with a purple-lish lighting!
Thanks Heineken SG for the warm generous invite for me and my friends!
We had a great time together and its a good way to bond with friends and know more people!
Though the place was abit hard to find initially.. but I was still excited about the place by its name already. Infinite Studios - Mediapolis@One-North! A new place for the event and I wondered how the place would be like.. indeed it was good! :)
 These are the cards I have for that day!
What's the other side?
 Memories that Heineken brought to me and my friends!