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E.T.A. Dog Food Tasting Event @ Paw Pet-radise on 11Oct2014!

Attended a dog food tasting event last last last Saturday..

@ Paw Pet-radise Café

It was proudly organised by Clubpets Magazine and E.T.A Eagle Territorial Agency!
As you can see.. here are many different types of dog food
ranging from indian style to western style..
All are made with the goodness of Oven-baked Tradition dog food.

This seem to have some curry in it.. that's why I said Indian style..
looks very appetizing.. even myself also feel like eating it.

Its actually called Pumpkin Curry.
And the ingredients are as stated in the picture above.
Oven-Baked Tradition Adult Lamb, Mutton, Tumeric, Pumpkin, Celery, etc..

Wow.. here we have PIZZA!
Its really amazing to see dogs having their very own pizza.
Usually we humans would have our own pizza.. and jus give them a small bite-size of it.
This is jus one whole piece for themselves.

So.. its actually made from fish.. Oven-Baked Tradition Adult Fish.
the other ingredients are as stated in the picture above.
I wonder how would it tastes like.. nah.. I wouldn't try la!!

Okies.. now very much the western style.. Burger and Fries!
Really Cool! Dunch you think so..!?

And these are the ingredients for the Burger n Fries dish. ha.. :)
Its actually made from the Oven-Baked Tradition Grain Free Chicken!

This one.. Fine Dining!
Even a dog meets another dog.. I mean dating.. they also want some fine dining~!
But I think they don't care la.. Just eat!

Its called Fillet & Summer Veg.. made from Oven-Baked Tradition Grain Free Fish!
I'm quite amazed to see Asparagus in the menu. I thought usually humans have it.. esp. in their fine-dining dish.. they have taken the dog food delicacy to another level.

when I showed this to my sister-in-laws.. I guessed their reply was like Wow..
I guess likewise for you.

So this is made from Oven-Baked Tradition Senior! And its called Breakfast Parfait.
Its actually like a dessert or it is a dessert.. as you can see from the menu. Greek yoghurt, Blueberries & Strawberries. Theres Salmon in it too! Cool!

These are samples of how it looks like from the big pack of Oven-baked Tradition.
As you can see.. the left side is the small-bite size which is suitable for small dogs and the right one is the normal kibble size.

Here we were introduced to the event by the guy in red shirt.. who was very entertaining and has a very loud n clear voice.

And later we were introduced to the Oven-baked Tradition dog food by this guy holding a banner.
It was informative and I learnt quite a bit though I was distracted by my dog at times. :P Nevertheless, I believe everyone have a better knowledge of the Oven-baked Tradition dog food after that. :)

After all the talking and introduction.. It's time for the dog to eat!
While I took care of the dogs at the couch.. my dear partner, Dawn Lee went to take the food for our dogs. So nice of her.. Right~!? haha.. :P
She took the Burger & Fries and Pizza which is called the Egg Casserole.

Tracce had this Burger and Fries.. while her dog, Water had the Egg Casserole (Pizza).
My dog actually can't wait to eat.. though she's blind.. but she smells the food there already and ready to go for it.. But she always like to smell abit, eat abit, taste abit before she really know its edible and Go For It!

"Urmm... it tastes not bad~!"

"I will go for it!"

This dog here is also enjoying his/her food.. waiting obediently for the owner to feed him/her.
(Sorry.. dunno the gender of the dog. ha..)
I would love to have this kind of dog in future.. like Golden Retriever.
When I asked the owner, he said this dog is a mixed of something and something.. I can't remember. :P

Here let's..have a family photo~! Wahaha.. jus joking!
With my pretty friend, Dawn Lee here with her dog Water. (Interesting name!)

Here.. another pic of ourselves with the dogs..
someone said my dog is looking at the pretty Dawn. ha..
and you see.. Water can't be bothered.

Just a random photo of the Huge Husky sitting on the chair.. not bad still can fit~! :)

It's a beautiful day with Dawn and our doggies~!

Dawn and I actually won a Dog Shampoo by answering some simple questions.
I was very lucky to have won it because when I said the answer "Oil" another person also said. Hence the Emcee restart asking the question and see who answer first. I was more spontaneous, loud and clear enough.. so I won it. :P
Its a Softening Shampoo from Apt. 1022 - Green Pet Care.
Very good that it has a tap to press and a hand glove is provided.. I guess to scrub your dog? If not its just to protect your hand.

These were the goodies provided at the event. :)

Thanks to Eagle Territorial Agency (E.T.A) for holding this event. It was a success!
Thanks to Paw Pet-radise Café for the great venue!

Dear readers,
You can check out Oven-Baked Tradition dog food and Paw Pet-radise Café at the details here:

Oven-Baked Tradition

Paw Pet-radise Cafe
Location: 530 Balestier Monville Mansion, Singapore, 329857

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