Friday, October 10, 2014

What am I trying?
Am trying the Crispy Crab!
Its a 'Must Try' on the menu :)
Ultimate Catch Rolls - Ultimate Lobster
Premium Maine lobster, served with fresh vegetables on a toasted ciabatta bun.
Po' Boys - Crunchin' Crab
Crispy soft-shell crab, layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, in between a toasted ciabatta bun. Topped
Po' Boys - Crunchin' Fish
Golden fish bites, layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, in between a toasted ciabatta bun. Topped off with a drizzle of Ol’ Spice Sauce.
 Cre'O! Bites - Crispy Fish
Golden fish bites seasoned with Creole spices.
Cre'O! Bites - Crispy Shrimp
Golden fried shrimp seasoned with Creole spices.
 Cre'O! Bites - Crispy Calamari
Fried squid rings seasoned with Creole spices and a hint of lemon.
These was wad I had that night..
- Ultimate Lobster
- Tapas: Smoked Salmon Salsa, Egg Mayo Ebiko & Wasabi Mayo Shrimp
- Crispy Crab (Stated Must Try! So I tried! - "It was Great!")
- CocaCola (You can order other soft drinks or mineral water from there)
a closer look at the Tapas I ordered. :)
 Before unwrapping my Ultimate Lobster roll.. I saw this note: Consume within 1 hour of purchase.
So have it while its fresh! :)
Myself enjoying my food outside Catch 'N Bite!
I would say its really a very good "Catch 'N Bite" if you're in a hurry and wanna have good food at the same time. Just paying a little more (still affordable) and there you go... u can have a delicious yummy tasty meal right away! It would definitely be one of my consideration if I'm in a hurry and want a quick meal at the same time around that area!

- - -
Catch ‘N Bite - A takeaway store situated in Westgate Mall. The friendly sandwich store specialises in seafood sandwiches, bento sets and tapas using the finest ingredients. It all started off when there was an absence of an affordable and fuss-free way to enjoy seafood. Henceforth, Catch ‘N Bite birthed forth.

Special Promotion: $1 for Fries and Drink! Upsize your meal with fries and drink with only $1 with any sandwich purchase! Hurry limited time only!

For my readers!!!
Receive a free Egg Mayo Ebiko Tart when you make purchase of any sandwich from the menu!
(Promo Code: ShaunCatchNBite)

For the full menu and information, do visit
Our main store: Westgate 3 Gateway Drive #B2-K16 Singapore 608532
Operating Hours: Daily 10am-10pm (LAST ORDER 9.30PM)
Catch 'N Bite's Facebook Page:
Official Hashtag: #CatchNBite


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