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Julie's Biscuit Factory Visit | Malacca 23rd Aug 2014

Going to board the bus and travel to Malacca oleadi lohh!
Very long didn't wear this tee.. how does it look? ha..
Had this Soy milk before I go.. cos I hadn't had my breakfast yet! :P
Oh ya.. over here its at Golden Mile Complex.
All the bloggers gather here.. :)
 And here.. How could we not snap a pictureee together!?
In the picture with William, Joey, Hp, Don, CheowYi, Celine and Andy..
Back view don't count ok!?
On our way to the Tuas Checkpoint.. we were given this Julie's OAT 25 biscuit to try..
A Good Start for the day!
I tried it.. and it's Nice with some strawberry bits on it! :) 
My friend William also trying it... ;)
After about 3-4 hrs ride on the bus.. we finally arrived at the Julie's Factory - Perfect Food Manufacturing. This is just one of their factory.. but its the Main one.
We were guided to their Julie's Café for a lunch..
with their Director, Mr Martin Ang.
a buffet styled food were served..
I'm hungry.. can't wait to eat already..
Oh i'm starting on the dessert first.
Probably I can't wait to queue.. I go by the other way round. haha..
These are wad I got... The brown cake and the biscuits with fruits n choc on top are nice.
Probably I will do that for my guests next time. Its easy to make and it taste well! ;)
On the table we spotted these very cute bottles of mineral water.. and took a picture of it.
After lunch.. all of us were guided to the meeting room for a "CONFERENCE"!
Well, its just a brief introductory of Julie's before we head to visit their factory.
Look at the fellow bloggers who were so attentive and captivated by the presenter.
This is one of the presenter Cathy Hoo.. who gave us an introduction to Julie's.
Later we have to put on this suit before we enter the factory.. its for hygiene purpose.
I don't really look good in this.. cos I wore stripes inside. ha..
 After the factory visit.. we were back in to this room, and Mr Martin Ang, director of Julie's gave us a better understanding of Julie's. He mentioned "What we don't eat, we don't let people eat", they live by this company's philosophy to succeed!
Over here... each of us were given this gift which is to promote "THE BEST OF YOU" campaign organised by Julie's.
Its a social movement by Julie's which hopes to celebrate everyday heroes and spur on a more gracious and appreciative community!
The movement calls for the public to share their stories of personal experiences that have brought out the BEST in them!
Here's a story of Janice.
There are quite a few videos on YouTube. But I would just share this here.. as I think this is the best and relates to most of us.

Inside the box..
More information on how you can participate in the movement can be found at
Inside the box..
 there's a Guide Book to The Best of You..
there are also frames like this for me to put on my photo and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #thebestofyou to get involved in the movement!
Here's what I've created and uploaded to Instagram.
To find out more what I've said about my Mum Who's the Best of Me..
Check out my Instagram at shaun_owyeong

Here's what's more inside the box..
 For more information about this movement,
Here's a group photo with all the bloggers with  the staffs of Julie's
Mr. Martin Ang (Director of Julie's) presenting each of us the gifts from Julie's.. :)
 And these are the gifts!
My family will have a good time enjoying them!
Thanks Julie's!

By the way.. Why is it called Julie?

I guess many might ask and wanna know the answer.

Here's the answer.

People normally perceive Julie an to be a girl with secret recipe and baked biscuits full of love.
Their founder was looking for a name that is universal and easy to remember which is accepted both locally and internationally. Hence, he chose Julie's instead of having a Chinese name like some local manufacturers that u may heard of.

From the start, he had the mindset to expand his love for biscuits and to distribute biscuits baked with love locally and internationally! And that's how Julie's came about! :)
I personally felt that it is good to have this name as they can sell their products to both locally and internationally. If your product name is after a Chinese name, it might be abit hard to sell in those European countries for example.  


After this trip.. I get to learn more about Julie's biscuits and had an experience going through a biscuit factory. I even tried on one of their products (Peanut Butter Sandwich) while its still warm after they have packaged it! Good experience! Having tried more of their biscuits, I really find that Julie's Biscuits are nice! And I even brought some to my office so that I can have them when I'm hungry! :)
These are the biscuits I brought to office..
Sometimes I work overtime.. I can have them! ;)
An Advertisement I spotted outside while on my way home at Dhoby Ghaut.. promoting the movement The Best Of You by Julie's!

Here's another one I spotted on my way to work..
and this is along Havelock Rd.

At Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

What do I have to say for this campaign?

I hope everyone will take some time.. just a few minutes to think through who made the best out of your life. Do not take anything or Anyone for granted.

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