Saturday, August 16, 2014

CAVALIA: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse! 12.08.2014

Here I am for the CAVALIA!
with Phyliss.. a very cute gal whom I know.. ;)

Here we're Entering the White Tent!

some scenes in the show... sneak peak!


When the show ends.. I managed to snap some pictures of them.. bidding goodbye and saying thank you to us! :)

It was a truly rewarding experience for us to have watched this show under the White Tent outside MBS. Usually the shows are in the MasterCard Theatre inside the MBS.
This is a MUST-WATCH show because it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! WATCH IT and You'll Know! ;)
During the intermission.. I bought a soft-toy horse for her..
Guess which horse I bought for her?
The Middle One! ;)
Something more to know about CAVALIA!
Fifty majestic horses, stars of the multimedia and acrobatic spectacular Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse, arrived at Singapore after a relaxing 5-week stay at a farm in Europe, in preparation for their Asian premiere in Singapore on August 12.
Following the mandatory government quarantine in Brussels, Belgium, the four-legged performers flew about 11 000 kilometers on board a chartered 747 aircraft from the show’s last stop. During their first journey to Asia, the Cavalia herd, comprised of 11 breeds hailing from Canada, Europe, and the USA, was accompanied by a dedicated team of Cavalia’s equine specialists.
Cavalia features 50 horses and 42 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers, and musicians from around the world, all performing under a 35-metre-tall White Theatre Tent. In the show, spectators are drawn into a dream-like world, as horses and artists interact in front of a constantly changing 60-metre-wide digital projection screen. Cavalia’s 50 meter-wide stage allows the horses space to gallop at full speed, at times running completely free, unfettered by bridles or halters.
To Find Out More if you can Get The Tickets!

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