Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Influencer Network's White Sails Yacht Party!

 On board this very nice yacht...
I will be travelling to Lazarus Island..
 with many bloggers and friends..
and here.. I got to know a very nice girl called Cheow Yi..
myself at the tip of the yacht!
Here I am.. with the people whom I know..
Here.. we have arrived at the Lazarus Island!
 Had our very nice buffet dinner proudly sponsored by Oh's Farm!
I would say the food was "FANTASTIC!"
Too bad I never tried enough of the croissants.. and I regretted it!
The pastry cake was really nice too! :)
 Enjoying our food... and who's the one who disturbed us to take picture? haha..
 Here.. a group photo in the cabin.
we had chit chat session.. introducing ourselves and Karen Chang who was our celebrity there shared with us her experiences in the marketing industry with the bloggers.
Here we also celebrated HP's birthday!! .. which was not the actual day though.. but i'm sure he was really happy that everyone is celebrating with him on the sea... haha.. :)
There.. u can see me in the background... I'm hiding away from the camera! :P

A photo with Karen.. :)

Group photo under the dim bluish light on the yacht..
and there we ended our trip at around 930pm.
It was a relaxing trip out in the sea.. getting to know more blogger friends..
nice food and nice yacht!
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